That’s You In The Spotlight, Reading Your Submission

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“Daddy? Tell me a story!”

If you have small kids, or not-so-small kids, or remain a kid at heart, those are five of the best words ever strung together. Stories are important, because they help build empathy for lives and experiences unlike our own, no matter how old you are.

This is our sixth year of featuring Dad Blogger Spotlights at the Dad 2.0 Summit, at a time when more men than ever are writing about their lives and revealing how varied, complex, inspirational, and heartbreaking they are. We’ve enjoyed bringing those stories to our main stage each year, because as our conference rises higher on the skyline, we must always remember the foundation it’s built on.

To nominate someone to be a reader at Dad 2.018, please use the form below. You can include as many as three posts per person, and if that person is not you, please check to be sure that he is willing to come to New Orleans and read it before 400 very appreciative people.

The deadline is Friday, December 15.