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Black Friday shopping

We’ll keep it short this week, because it’s Thanksgiving Weekend, and we hope your current situation affords you prodigious helpings of nondigital face time with people you don’t see often enough.

We’re launching into that special week when Every Day Is A Thing: Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Sleep-If-Off Sunday (which probably doesn’t officially exist, but should), and Cyber Monday. It’s is the biggest shopping period of the year, and it is easy to get caught up in it. There are worse ways to stretch a dollar.

But our favorite day of this week is its culmination: Giving Tuesday, a day of charity to mark the holiday season. After all, we just gave thanks for all the whatevers that make us happy, and sometimes the happiest thing is recognizing how much we can do to leave this world in better shape than we found it.

For instance, it is still Movember, and our team of dads is raising funds for men’s health. We’ll even take donations on Open-Wallet Wednesday, or Make-It-Rain Thursday, or whatever other day you’d like to make up. When it comes to charity, we aren’t proud (as you might be able to tell from Charlie Capen‘s picture below).


Do/did your kids hug every aunt, uncle and holiday relation?

Distracted parenting” affects a child’s social and emotional development, starting with infants who don’t receive social cues.

If you start bribing your kids, it’s a slippery slope.

Chef and father of five Jamie Oliver says social media Likes are “the new sugar.”

Millennial dads are finding balance: “As your child grows up and they have those magical moments in their lives, it’s a real shame if you miss them because of another business meeting. There won’t be more Christmas concerts.”

Having lost his dad soon after he got married, Bear Grylls says grief is something you get through, rather than get over.

Some Chinese dads feel a primal protective instinct and won’t miss their baby’s birth for anything. But others can’t bear to see their partners in pain.

Are you depressed? You owe it to your family to find out.

Distracted parenting” affects a child’s social and emotional development, starting with infants who don’t receive social cues.


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