The Importance Of Staying At Our Host Venue

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We can’t tell you how happy we are to return to the Ritz-Carlton New Orleans for Dad 2.018. We’ll be speaking and broadcasting from the very stage where, on April 16, 2011, we announced that the first Dad 2.0 Summit was going to happen. To return seven years later, after so many positive developments in the online dad community, is a definite thrill.

It’s also particularly remarkable that the Ritz-Carlton has extended us our standard $199/night rate when, during the trifecta of celebrations for Mardi Gras and the city’s tricentennial and the Super Bowl, they could (and will) charge up to three times as much. They’re doing this because they’re excited to have us (and our extraordinary media reach) showcase this beautiful and historic meeting space that is a flagship of the Ritz brand.

(Seriously. Have you seen the Executive Suite upgrade that Chris Read won earlier this fall?)

If you’re planning to attend Dad 2.018, we hope you’ll stay with us at the Ritz-Carlton, for four important reasons.

  1. It’s of course a rare opportunity to stay so affordably in such a legendary spot.
  2. Staying at the meeting venue is super convenient (which is why we choose a meeting place only if it also has enough onsite rooms for everyone).
  3. It’s the only way to get the gifts that our Sponsors, for logistical reasons, can only send to the rooms of our onsite attendees.

Most importantly, however, we’re thinking in the long term. We’re able to secure our boilerplate $199 room rate at these great hotel properties because they want to host the Dad 2.0 experience, and in return we need to fulfill the room bloc we’ve contracted for. Staying in our venue hotel during Dad 2.0 helps us guarantee that we’ll be able to negotiate excellent meeting spaces and affordable room rates in the future.

So! In the waning days while tickets are still available: Get your ticket here, book your double Queen room here (or your King room there), and watch for some more great giveaways the Ritz has planned for us over the next nine weeks, as we prepare for our Ritziest Summit yet!