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This week, add the southern California wildfires to the list of hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and myriad other paroxysms suffered (or expressed) by our beleaguered planet. As a number of new blazes burn through Los Angeles and San Diego, pushed by the relentless power of the Santa Ana winds, one of the many viral images has been of this man risking his own safety to save a terrified rabbit.

As we cope with these forces of nature, fueled as they are by the hormones of climate change and heavy-handed apathy, it’s easy to identify with that rabbit, because it, like us, is compelled by instinct to flee danger. Psychologists say this is how we developed our bias toward negativity, as a crucial survival skill. And it may be why, as that article asserts, there are far more negative emotional words (62%) than positive words (32%) in the English dictionary.

In the face of our current media wildfire, we need to train ourselves to recognize that there is more positive in the world than 32% of our language might indicate. There are first responders, and firefighters, and selfless people possessed by the extraordinarily opposite instinct to run toward these dangers, especially when vulnerable bunnies are in trouble.

There are positives to be found among the fecklessness. The planet may be shifting and storming and burning, but it’s also giving a lot of kids (and grown-up kids) in southern Texas reason to run around joyfully with their mouths open:


The image of modern fatherhood has changed, and stock photos are updating with it.

Interesting data point: “There were no differences between mums and dads in feeling valued, judged, blamed, or criticized by their child’s educators.” Equality!

It isn’t just adults: Western cultures lead the world in depression, anxiety, and mental illness in all ages.

Life is long, relatively speaking. Help kids with anxiety by applying that context.

For many parents, raising teens brings a whole new set of challenges. How we handle them may make a ton of difference.

Does a “do over” do kids any favors? Does learning ever end? So many questions (and they will be on the test).

A heartbreaking message from a heartbroken dad after the suicide of his daughter: “Pay attention and be active with your kids. Try to relate to them, with them, and for them. Be there.”

“We can be hopeful about the future of our society when we all know that protecting the essence of childhood remains our collective and urgent priority.” – Prince William

Dads and kids should have as many conversations as possible about how to manage home finances.


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