FoF: The Season of Light (Sabers)

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It’s the fourth night of Hanukkah! And do you know why we’re spelling it that way? Because that’s the hashtag that is trending on Twitter and is accompanied by the little dreidel emoji. Today, in this particular circumstance, we’re OK surrendering to groupthink.

As the nights lengthen, families around the world are making their lives a bit brighter, one candle at a time. Warmth, hope and miracles make for wonderful tradition. Especially with a hearty bowl of hot soup.

Two stories grabbed our attention this week, and the first includes Christian Paasche, whom we’re happy to say we’ll include in our second Speaker announcement on Monday. (Watch this space!) Due to efforts like his all over the country, post-divorce custody agreements are edging toward a new-normal default setting of equal time with both parents. All the more reason to stress that gender equality benefits both genders.

Then, of course, there is this weekend’s arrival of Episode VIII in the Star Wars saga, just one of the many aspects of our childhood that Disney now owns. If you’re seeing The Last Jedi this weekend with your kids, you’ll be part of a nationwide energy surge in high-level bonding.

As 2017 limps into eternity, we hope the Festival of Lights (and light sabers) will build a lightforce that will extend beyond the holidays, and into homes everywhere.


Are you a parent with questions about Star Wars: The Last Jedi? GeekDad‘s Matt Blum has answers.

Should parents post videos of their kids in emotional or uncomfortable situations?

Ever wonder what a house might look like if Clark Griswold were a real person? Probably like this.

You may have seen the wonderful Winter Olympics 2018 spot featuring snowboarding champ Chloe Kim and her supportive dad. Here’s more on their awesome story.

Grandparents can help by understanding how difficult parenting is today; offering sympathy rather than criticism; and role modeling a quieter voice and slower atmosphere whenever possible. How do your folks measure up?

Everyone can use a superhero to relate to, and for a kid with two dads, that hero is The Ray.

We have all heard the debates over whether and when to talk to kids about the big guy, but are you familiar with Santa guilt?

Russell Westbrook may be an all-star basketball player, but his dad game is pretty strong, too.

Knowing when to step aside and give our kids the room to grow isn’t easy, but it’s the best parenting there is.


TODAY is the last day to apply or nominate another for the Dad Blogger Spotlight series at Dad 2.018 in New Orleans. The Spotlight Readers are both a mainstay and a highlight of the Dad 2.0 Summit, and we sincerely hope that you consider sharing the stories of fatherhood that help shape our community (and our lives).

Did you process that? The deadline is TODAY. So after you’ve signed up for your health insurance, don’t put it off any longer. (Because really, if you’ve waited this long, you’re already guilty of waaaay too much delaying).

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