Dove Men+Care Returns for Year Six as Title Sponsor!

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Each of the past six winters, we’ve had the privilege of celebrating the holidays by announcing that Dove Men+Care will be the Dad 2.0 Summit’s Title Sponsor. It’s a cheery, festive feeling that never gets old.

We’ve mentioned before how Dove Men+Care’s origin story bears a striking resemblance to our own, which probably explains why we’ve been of one mind when discussing and championing the real stories that capture real guys who are defining a new standard of modern masculinity and fatherhood.

At Dad 2.018, the Dove Men+Care Sponsor Suite will spotlight all of the pivotal moments of care during the “Journey of Fatherhood” – think back to that first 2 a.m. feeding, that first lost tooth, the first steps, the first words, the first time your permit-driving teenager merged onto a freeway doing 75mph with you in the passenger seat. These are the milestones that we regale our families with over and over again, especially as we gather for the holidays.

Over the years, Dove Men+Care has underscored its integral interaction with the online dad community by outfitting its Sponsor suite with our submissions, images, and other personal moments that define the many stages of our fatherhood. And once again, whether your kids are just out of the crib or just out of the house, they want to hear from you.

When did you gain that first glimmer of confidence that you could handle being a dad? And how quickly did you lose it when they started making decisions on their own? What do you regard as one of the more pivotal moments of your life as a dad?

If you’d like to participate (and receive a sweet gift card), send a video (60 seconds maximum), a photo, and 3-4 sentences describing this moment to DMCDad2018 [at] edelman [dot] com ASAP. And you could see yourself showcased in the Title Sponsor Suite at the NOLA Ritz-Carlton!

In a year when we’re meeting at the spot where we began, we’re really glad to reconnect with the brand who’s supported us from the beginning. Here’s to Lucky No. 7.