FoF: The Ecstasy of Unbridled Avarice

dad2summitFatherhood on Friday

It has been a very eventful week at Dad2HQ. We announced two old friends have returned as major Sponsors, 23 new Speakers (see below), and an Executive Suite giveaway at the Ritz-Carlton New Orleans that could make your Dad 2.018 experience a decidedly pampered one.

Plus Hanukkah ended, the Winter Solstice elapsed, and the live version of “A Christmas Story” aired. We liked it fine, although with all due respect to Chris Diamantopoulos’s many talents, he wasn’t gonna make us forget Darren McGavin as the quintessential Old Man, who beat furnaces and worked in profanity “the way other artists might work in oils or clay.”

If you’re still preparing or cleaning or traveling or shopping with just three sleeps until Christmas, please accept our “Oh, fudge,” and possibly a fruitcake. Maybe a dance number. After all, the holidays are all about the things we share together.

They say it is better to give than to receive, but we can’t help but feel that last week gave us a lot of both, and that’s what the holiday season is all about. Also, a compass in the stock and this thing that tells time (there wasn’t always an app for that). We hope you enjoy the best of everything, whether or not that includes pranging ducks on the wing and getting off spectacular hip shots.

Happy Christmas, from all of us at the Dad 2.0 Summit!


“It’s beautifully intense.” – , on raising triplets (and not playing “Happy” in the house).

Upon news that he’ll be a new dad, John Stamos reflected upon his own father.

The organizers of a Breakfast With Dads benefit for the primary school were afraid not enough dads would show up; instead, the response crashed the sign-up website.

We share in the smallest victories—the first words at age six or seven, being able to feed oneself at nine and getting the seizures under control.” – Colin Farrell

It’s always a good story when a dad comes through on a promise–especially with stakes as high as these.

In South Africa, dads are getting a much-deserved media makeover.

This 74-year-old dad took to LGBTQ activism as a way to honor his late daughter. “I just had to say something.”

When it comes to holidays with the family, Whit Honea writes that tradition is a fluid thing, only appearing static from a distance.

More than anyone, dads know that hair is completely overrated.


Earlier this week we announced our second round of Dad 2.018 speakers, and we’re just as thrilled as you are. Seriously, just look at the speaker list thus far (link below). If that isn’t a gift that keeps on giving then we don’t know what is.

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