FoF: Our Little Baby Century Is All Growns Up

dad2summitFatherhood on Friday

It’s hard to believe that 2017 is almost over. Time flies when you live-stream it.

This year endured floods and fires—Puerto Rico is still in the dark ages—and several deep breaths. We lost some of our favorite people and won a few games. We grew mustaches and supported hashtags, picked up some awards and dropped some needles. We marched together and suffered alone, the constant thread being the clear lack of one.

The positives in policy, from California and New York requiring diaper-changing tables in men’s rooms to many companies rethinking their family leave plans, made 2017 another step forward for fatherhood. And yet, there is much to be done, which is why we are so excited to convene in just five weeks for our 2018 Summit and unite marketers, media, experts, and parents in the conversation of modern fatherhood. Our New Year’s Resolution is to greet you in New Orleans with hugs, handshakes, and/or fistbumps.

Our adolescent century is about to turn 18 and become a responsible adult. And old enough to vote. Here’s hoping.


All over the country, fatherhood and mentor events are overwhelmed by a far larger turnout than they thought they’d ever get.

Is the “dads shopping on Christmas Eve” stereotype missing the point?

As most parents know, hugs aren’t for everyone, and that’s okay.

Not every deployed dad makes it home for Christmasut it’s cool when technology can offer the next best thing.

If you want your kid’s skills to transcend your own, you’ll be happy to know that tutoring can override DNA.

Dads, play groups aren’t just for kids. And some have t-shirts!

Getting our kids to build healthy attitudes and relationships amid the movement is about how parents, guardians and role models treat real people every day.

Phrases like “daddy daycare” and “Mr. Mom” are even farther back in the rear-view mirror.

Drew Daywalt, bestselling author of “The Day the Crayons Quit,” spoke about writing, family and the impact of success on each.


We knew our buddy Chris Read, aka Canadian Dad, had moves the first time we saw him hit the karaoke stage, but it wasn’t until he took to the mat with his young daughter that we saw his full repertoire. Dad and daughter are sticking it!

So, here's the thing. My daughter's gymnastics coach had been watching videos of the dad who does gymnastics with his daughter (My_gym_dad) and asked if I'd do a routine with my daughter at their winter showcase tonight. I asked my daughter first and she was so excited that I had no choice but to agree… You may not know it from watching this but I am NOT a gymnast.Merry Christmas, friends! Thanks for all your support over the years!!!

Posted by Canadian Dad on Friday, December 22, 2017

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