FoF: This year, IT will be the thing AFTER which you will GET.

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The new year, for the most part, is a symbolic thing. It heralds another orbit around the sun, complete with wrongly dated checks and frozen everything; the kids are out of school, and your trash day schedule is all messed up. And yet, there is contagious resolve.

The new year offers a framework for establishing better versions of our perceived context. Build on what worked last year, tweak or discard what didn’t. It’s a manufactured transition point when we can say, “I am done with this or that.” Also, “This year will be different.”

It’s also a time when people decide to define the next 12 months with one word to serve as a signal fire on the horizon. Many of them, such as “Focus” and “Resolve,” serve as daily affirmations, and we think that’s a good direction, as well. So we’re going with GETAFTERIT. Yes, it’s three works mashed together, and it’s in all caps like most of your stepdad’s emails. But that’s sort of the point.

Whatever IT is, we hope IT will be the thing AFTER which you will GET. Fervently.

We think the timing of Dad 2.018 is perfect. February is the shortest month, fast and focused. If January is the official start of the year, we spend most of it in suspended animation, rendered inert by cold and holiday bills. When February comes around, the plans of winter brace for the actions of spring, and we meet to discuss collective goals and a rousing commitment to fatherhood and community, is the closest thing to planets aligning that we’re as likely to find this side of the stratosphere.

Dads involved with blogging and influencer marketing isn’t a novelty anymore. We’re here. We have relationships and keyboards and podcast mics and Smartphone stands and legions of followers and subscribers and fans. This is our year of the entrepreneur. Let’s GETAFTERIT it together.


This year has seen an especially heartening trend: a run of simply good, conscientious on-screen dads played by accomplished actors who have earned Oscars buzz.

Is New York’s new parental leave a test for dads?

Everyone talks about kids spending too much time on their devices, but can parents survive the 30-Minute News and Social Media Challenge?

From CNN, this year’s parenting resolutions involve some things to care more about, and a lot more things to care less about.

The Irish prime minister is backing a plan to double paternity leave in Ireland, which “is only two weeks at the moment, but that is coming from zero weeks for the last hundred years.”

Behind the image of fathers gathering and chatting and watching their children play is a social web woven with men who understand that parenthood is a passage best shared with others.

Meanwhile in Australia: “Instead of focusing solely on acute care, we need to act early on the signs and symptoms of poor mental health before people reach a crisis point.” Always good to see a government embrace the long view.

Encouraging kids to speak for themselves is encouraging leadership for the future.

For reasons you will quickly come to understand, this viral video already has 18 kabillion views.


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