Kia’s Fourth Year as Presenting Sponsor Heralds Some Really Great News

Doug French2018 Dad 2.0 Summit, Announcements, Sponsor

The Really Great News you’re about to read is not that Kia has returned as a Dad 2.018 Presenting Sponsor. That’s just the Fantastic News. But what’s Really Great about Kia’s fourth year with us is how they’re expanding their involvement to reflect the outstanding collaborations that this brand relationship has brought about.

You may have predicted that Kia will run its customary shuttles from Louis Armstrong Airport from 9am to 6pm on Thursday, February 1. You may have figured Kia will have several cars from its expanding lineup (including the Stinger, shown above and a finalist for this year’s North American Car of the Year) to test drive around New Orleans. You may have assumed Kia will invite you to it’s tricked-out suite to learn about its influencer programs and win prizes (from both Kia and its partner, Harman/Kardon).

But what’s really cool about this year? You’ll have the opportunity to sign up for Kia’s Brand Immersion event, which takes place April 4-6 in San Diego. You’ll be able to take a Stinger, Sorento, Soul, Niro PHEV, or Rio out for a beignet run. And most importantly, you’ll be able to attend Kia’s first ever Kiadvisory Workshop, an hourlong, intensive seminar where serious content creators will learn from longtime influencers about the particular skills and talents that make successful careers. And who knows? With this new know-how, you might just end up as part of the Kia Family!

Thanks once again, Kia, for your renewed commitment to online dads. And good luck in Detroit!