Welcome Safety 1st As Dad 2.018 Supporting Sponsor!

dad2summit2018 Dad 2.0 Summit, Announcements, News, Sponsor

Over 30 years ago, that little, yellow BABY ON BOARD® sign made Safety 1st a household name. Soon afterward, Safety 1st launched the first true collection of home safety products and established itself as a force in child safety. And now, we’re proud to welcome them as a Supporting Sponsor of Dad 2.018!

Safety 1st’s priority will be to discuss its new Wi-Fi Baby Monitor, and the company’s commitment to innovation that brought it about. They have a long history of working with influencers, and we’re excited they’re seeking input from us dads about this new monitoring system, and how its cutting-edge technical specs—such as 1) high-quality video footage day or night, without buffering, and 2) customizable noise and movement sensitivity levels—make it stand out from its competitors.

Safety 1st takes great pride in its reputation for delivering high-quality products that put family safety first, and we’re ready to help burnish it among the online parenting space. Welcome aboard!