Please Put Your Wings Together for the Return of Supporting Sponsor SmartyPants Vitamins!

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SmartyPants Vitamins are back for their fourth Dad 2.0 Summit, which is like 15 in owl years (we’re still working on the math). That seems appropriate as their Teen Guy and Teen Girl Complete formulas are among the new products they will bring to New Orleans!

We are thrilled that SmartyPants Vitamins have returned, making it easier for you, yes you, to do something good for your present and future self (and others!) every day. We highly recommend that something good start by visiting their booth in the Dad 2.0 Marketplace to learn how to win a Smarty Giveaway, including a six-month supply of SmartyPants for your whole family, an Apple Watch and an REI gift card.

As a Supporting Sponsor, SmartyPants Vitamins (#SmartyDad18) continues to bring a smarter approach to health for the whole world. They create vitamins for every member of the family, each featuring superstar ingredients designed to help you lead a healthier, happier life. A smarter life.

Welcome back, SmartyPants!