Dad 2.018 Programming: Friday, Feb. 2

Doug French2018 Dad 2.0 Summit, Announcements, Speakers

This year, because our Conference Friday is also Groundhog Day, we’ve taken extra special care to put together these 16 hours of programming (which begin with the Dove Men+Care fitness event at 7am and end with our third annual Dad Voices Workshop). Just in case we’re all destined to relive this day over and over in perpetuity.

SHOW-HOW WORKSHOPS ▪︎ 11:00 – 11:45am

Grow Your Email Roster
Your email list is essential for attracting and retaining customers. Here’s how the newest techniques will succeed more than sidebars and pop-ups ever could.
Laura Fuentes ŸŸŸ▪︎ Eric Schneller

Writing Nonfiction To Advance A Cause
Looking to establish your expertise in your industry? Here’s how to compile your research into a compelling book and get it into eager, appreciative hands.
Sally Spencer-Thomas ŸŸŸ▪︎ Sean Adam ŸŸŸ▪︎ Christopher Lierle ŸŸŸ▪︎ Chip Roberts

Monetize Your Business 
The best influencers are fantastic at engaging their audience, and here’s how to make sure you’re compensated appropriately for the awareness you drive.
Mike Nunez

Personal Branding
Influencers succeed by building an emotional connection with their brand among their readers. Here’s how to construct yours by defining your positioning statement.
Jim Joseph

SHOW-HOW WORKSHOPS ▪︎ 12:00 – 12:45pm

Pitch the Post
Successful freelance writing relies on building relationships, and on making proactive, effective pitches. Here’s how to do both with The Washington Post’s On Parenting team.
Amy Joyce

Be Your Own Publicist
Public relations is an important aspect of any business, regardless of size. If you can’t afford to hire a professional, here’s how to succeed on your own.
Juan Alanis

Legal Issues For Digital Marketing Influencers
Any influencer brand worth building needs protecting. Here’s how to negotiate and write up contract IP provisions and secure your trademarks and copyrights.
Jamie Lieberman

Cooking For Your Family and Friends
With homemade family meals in short supply, here’s how to step up your kitchen game with easy and fun cooking tips, techniques, and recommendations.
Rob Rosenthal

One-on-One with Von Miller ▪︎ 1:50 – 2:20pm
Best Buy’s Nate Bauer will sit down with the six-time All-Pro linebacker and Super Bowl 50 MVP, who will relay his extraordinary “geekspertise” and discuss his philanthropic efforts (such as Von’s Vision, which provide low-income kids with free eye examinations and eyewear) in the Denver community.

Kiadvisory Influencer Seminar ▪︎ 2:45 – 3:35pm
Join Presenting Sponsor Kia for an hourlong, intensive seminar where serious content creators will learn from longtime ambassadors about the particular skills and talents that make successful influencer careers, and how they too might join the Kia ambassador team.
Jeff Bogle ŸŸŸ▪︎ John Dominguez ŸŸŸ▪︎ Jessi SanfilippoŸŸŸ ▪︎ Shelley VanWitzenburg 

Vaccines Across the Lifespan: A Field Guide for the Sandwiched Dad ▪︎ 2:45 – 3:35pm
Whether you’re the father of a newborn or the son of aging parents, or both, you spend a lot of time researching vaccinations (and how to pay for them). A panel of experts will include dads in very important conversations about how vaccines protect our kids, our parents, and ourselves, as well as how we can remain informed healthcare consumers.
Whit Honea ▪︎ Leonard Friedland ▪︎ Joan Mann ▪︎ Nick Springer


  • Building Your Twitterverse ▪︎ Christopher Lewis
  • Crowdfunding ▪︎ Jeff Wenzel
  • Cartoons and How To Sell Them ▪︎ Brian Gordon, Chris Grady
  • Men and Relationships ▪︎ Kenneth BraswellPatrick Patterson
  • Photography ▪︎ Joe Saladino
  • Podcasting ▪︎ Eric Bennion
  • Tracking Your SEO Impact ▪︎ John Kinnear
  • Writing ▪︎  Thom Hofman
  • Yoga/Meditation ▪︎ Austin Dowd