Dad 2.018 Programming: Saturday, Feb. 3

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Welcome to Saturday, when we delve more into the ideas that we think are worth sharing, dissecting, and/or batting about like a kitten with a ping-pong ball. These are our NOLA Nine breakout sessions, and we hope they’ll serve even the smallest role in making a Better Us.

11:00am – 12:15pm

Media Literacy: Raise Your Game
Despite our best efforts, our kids consume a spectrum of news (real and otherwise) that was unfathomable a generation ago. But to provide the guidance children need, parents must acknowledge that our media literacy is more limited than we think. Our panel will discuss how helping our digital-native children develop a discerning eye requires a re-think of our own digital-immigrant sensibilities.
Titania Jordan ▪︎ Charlie Capen ▪︎ Eric Rasmussen ▪︎ Jeff Vrabel

Building A Constructive Dialogue After #MeToo
The #MeToo movement has exposed a system of predation and abuse, and the long-overdue reckoning has come due. Our panel will explore the current movements toward gender equality, the messages our children are receiving about gender relations and feminism, men’s roles in closing the gender gap, and strategies parents can use every day to move the conversation in a positive direction.
Kimberly Wolf ▪︎ Creed Anthony ▪︎ Amanda Magee ▪︎ Mike Reynolds ▪︎ Karen Walrond

Influencer Marketing: Saving The Human Touch
As data-based metrics become more sophisticated, brands are turning to detailed quantification. Some, however, still place value in an influencer’s intangible qualities as a writer and business partner, irrespective of platform size. Messages truly engage when they originate from an authentic source, rather than one chosen on autopilot.
Angus Nelson ▪︎ Alice Chase ▪︎ David Kargas ▪︎ Staci Salazar

1:45pm – 2:45pm

Men At Work: The Shift Toward Family
Workplaces of all sizes are revolutionizing how they evaluate employees’ time, and emphasizing family and flexibility has improved morale and reduced turnover. Architects of these policies will discuss this fundamental shift away from “work at all costs,” now that smart companies understand that if it works for the family, it works for the company.
Julia Beck ▪︎ Bryan Bennett ▪︎ Vic Drabicky ▪︎ Ben Mand

RevenueTube: Life As a Video Influencer
Now that you can embed it almost anywhere, video content is flourishing as a medium for creative influencers. These dads have backgrounds in video development and routinely work with brands with decent budgets. They’ll show you how to get serious with your gear, your production values, and your marketing.
Brandon Billinger ▪︎  Glen Henry ▪︎ Brent Popolizio ▪︎ Andrew Tiu

All Parents Are Co-Parents
Numerous current studies show that the alliance of co-parenting is a strong determinant of outcomes for children, regardless of the relationship between the parents. Our experts from academic, legislative, and legal fields will discuss how to build a functional, reciprocal co-parenting structure, in one household or two.
Mark Trahan ▪︎ Melissa Isaak ▪︎ Christian Paasche ▪︎ Tim Shand

3:00 – 4:00pm

Influencing With Instagram
With the arrival of Stories and over 800 million users, Instagram has emerged as an immensely viable standalone platform for influencers. We’ll discuss the creativity that goes into preparing Instagram campaigns, the key performance indicators brands want, and the myriad, unique benefits of this quickly-evolving visual medium.
Beau Coffron ▪︎ Brent Almond ▪︎ Clay Nichols ▪︎ Chris Olsen

My Way On The Highway: Family Life on the Road
Ever had that itch to quit your job, sell your house, pull your kids out of school, and explore the country in an RV? These couples have done that and launched new platforms to chronicle it all. They’ll share how their inspiration to make such a precarious leap is creating a lifetime of unforgettable memories (and killer content, to boot).
Jill Krause ▪︎ Scott Krause ▪︎ Becca Kaemingk ▪︎ Ben Kaemingk

Beyond The Call: Life With A Special-Needs Child
Few of us bargain for the challenge of special-needs parenting, which confers social and family stresses that are difficult to overcome. Solace comes from research, and from the help we find from resources and parents with shared experiences. Our panelists will discuss new tactics on all of these fronts as they work to make their New Normals more normal.
Calvin Butler ▪︎ Spencer Tapia ▪︎ Scott Price ▪︎ Roberto Santiago