Dove Men+Care’s Fitness Event with Eric Capers

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Now that the country is collarbone-deep in the football playoffs, do you watch your screen and think, “Man, I sure would give anything for a former NFL player to train me how to drop a few ell-bees.” And to that wish, we have an answer in the form of this year’s Dove Men+Care morning fitness fiesta: a high-energy boot-camp workout from the very fit folks at Pro Fitness Trainers!

Founded by former professional football player Eric Capers, PFT is a New Orleans-based personal training service that kicks your butt in the healthiest, most enjoyable way possible. And because Eric is a far better athlete than you, he’ll leverage his years of running around and throwing his body into other people at disturbingly high velocity to work your core body parts – arms, chest, and legs – into shape.

Friday’s fitness session is open to anyone looking for a great group workout led by a motivating, experienced personal trainer, so bring your workout gear. And remember: On Saturday, the most popular person in the room may very well be the guy who is most generous with his ibuprofen.