FoF: These Are the Fun Fridays

dad2summitFatherhood on Friday

It’s an exciting time to be a Dad 2.0 Summit attendee, now that new Speakers and Sponsors and activations are being announced with such frenetic alacrity (/əˈlakrədē/ noun; brisk and cheerful readiness: she accepted the invitation with alacrity). These are the Fun Fridays, when we look back at all the stuff we’ve planned and think “Wow. We sure have planned a lot of stuff.”

We started off the week with our third round of Speakers, and now that our full roster is mostly complete, it’s especially cool that 71% of them have never spoken with us before. Because our community is broader and more vibrant than ever. From there, we published the bulk of our programming schedule, including the skill-driven workshops on Friday and our NOLA Nine breakout panels on Saturday. We have two new Sponsors, Hanes and SmartyPants, which will come in handy because you’ll need plenty of comfortable workout clothing and nutritional fortitude for Dove Men+Care’s morning fitness fiesta with NFL veteran Eric Capers.

And there are so many more announcements to come! We hope you’ll enjoy them as alacritously as possible.


Respect the Man Flu: men are more susceptible to respiratory complications, and our testosterone might be weakening our immune systems.

Parents, are you struggling with discipline? Here are some theories that don’t work, and a few that actually do.

On David Letterman’s new Netflix interview series, former First Father Barack Obama discusses dropping his daughter off at college and his dad moves (“you gotta stay in the pocket”).

From the celebrity dad files, here’s an interesting conversation with Tom Hanks discussing his own tumultuous childhood and becoming a father at the age of 21.

Joining the sandwich generation can be tough, for everyone. Lots of love helps.

It isn’t just money: Your kids are most likely to follow in your entrepreneurial footsteps when they’re able to learn from your advice and observe your work habits.

Got drivers? Here is some helpful advice to aid teens should they experience a fender bender.

Where do “dad noises” come from? Here, apparently.

Keith Jackson, who passed away this week, never knew his father, who shot and killed Keith’s grandfather and went to prison.


Have a great weekend everyone! We hope you can spend it like this dad, who’s dancing like nobody’s watching (even though there’s always somebody watching).

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