Plum Organics Returns For More Authentic Dad Stories

dad2summit2018 Dad 2.0 Summit, Announcements, Sponsor

We’re happy to welcome back Plum Organics as a sponsor committed to conversations about warts-and-all parenthood, written by the authentic voices around the challenges and joys of being someone’s dad. Being a dad is the hardest job you’ll ever love, and Plum wants to establish itself as a brand that is thoughtful, creative, and understanding of the needs of fathers.

Plum offers a complete line of premium organic baby food, toddler and kids snack products, as well as an organic infant formula. And they use their mission of bringing the very best food to our kids from the very first bite as a means to empower influencers as partners in philanthropic work aimed at giving more little ones access to healthy organic food.

It’s always a big deal when a major parenting brand engages with dads in so many meaningful ways; show ’em some love on TwitterInstagram, and Pinterest!