General Hashtaggery 2018

dad2summit2018 Dad 2.0 Summit, Sponsor


So you want to give our sponsors some social media love—and you should—then it’s important to use the official #dad2summit hashtag in addition to the respective hashtags dedicated to each sponsor of Dad 2.018. Like, super important. Hashtags measure engagement and impressions. Hashtags make the social media world go round.

What you’re about to read is the complete, comprehensive, finite list of the brands and organizations that are officially supporting the 2018 Dad 2.0 Summit. If a representative of a name not on this list offers you some swag, a free meal or beads, they’re not with us! Worse, they could be trying to outboard the conference. (This is strictly forbidden, and you can read more about it here.) If you see something, support the community and say something. Remember, you’ve been deputized!

Hashtag like the wind, folks.

                                               2018 DAD 2.0 SUMMIT SPONSORS
Dove Men+Care #RealStrength @DoveMenCare @DoveMenCare
Best Buy/Best Buy Tech Zone #BestBuyTechZone @BestBuy  @BestBuyBloggers @BestBuy
Clorox #CleanIsTheBeginning @Clorox @Clorox
Kia Motors #KiaDad @Kia @KiaMotorsUSA
Hanes/Hanes Comfort Zone #HappyInHanes  @Hanes @Hanes
GSK #VaccinateForLife #GSK @GSKUS @GSK
Safety 1st/Safety 1st HD WiFi Baby Monitor #Safety1stBabyMonitor @Safety1st @Safety_1st
SmartyPants Vitamins #SmartyDad18 @SmartyHealth @SmartyPants
Plum Organics #TeamParent @PlumOrganics @PlumOrganics
                                                     MEDIA PARTNERS
City Dads Group @CityDadsGroup  @CityDadsGroup
Fatherly @FatherlyHQ  @FatherlyHQ
Life of Dad @LifeOfDadShow  @LifeOfDad
                                                    ASSOCIATED MEDIA
 Father’s Eve @FathersEve @FathersEve
National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse  #MakeAMoment @FatherhoodGov @OfficialFatherhoodGov
New Orleans Convention & Visitor’s Bureau  #OneTimeInNOLA @VisitNewOrleans @VisitNewOrleans
                                                       CAUSE PARTNERS
Camp Kesem @CampKesem @CampKesem
National At-Home Dad Network @NAHDN @HomeDadNet


“And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.” – The Beatles, probably singing about social media