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Whit HoneaFatherhood on Friday

Editor’s note: Normally, this space is written anonymously, relying on the “royal we” to share our collective take on fatherhood and the unified lens through which we see it. Today, however, is something different: a personal note from Community Manager Whit Honea after a week in Sweden, the highest pedestal of paid family leave, and those made better for it.

I am sitting here on borrowed Wi-Fi, nine hours in the future, on my younger son’s 12th birthday, as cold as anyone could ever be, and only now discovering the tragedy that has occurred in Parkland, Florida.

This is the conversation the world is having: What is wrong with a country that values guns more than children? Where does America get the nerve to lecture any other people on how to care or govern? Why are we so broken?

And they are right.

Paid family leave is very important. The list of positives reaches every aspect of society, and seeing the effects thereof in the people here, and the way they embrace it, is telling and full of inspiration. The Olympics have stories, too, and some of them lead to cheering. But until we, America, can protect our own children in their own schools, we have issues much bigger than a sporting chance and time zones.

We all have work to do, and that is as personal as it gets.


Dads ice-carve the coolest stuff.

NBC likes to talk about “must-see TV,” and the moment following Shaun White’s half-pipe was as “must-see” as can be.

Although this father of five American-born children had lived in the U.S. for 28 years, his request to extend his stay was denied.

What does paid family leave mean to you?

Tech-savvy executives protect their tweens and teens the same way we all do, with a combination of monitoring and guidance.

We’re hoping the day will come when people won’t instinctively equate “lead parenting” and “acting like mothers.” As long as people do, we have more work ahead.

Kids love consuming content, but they can also make it, which is awesome.

Is there a difference between being a father and a dad?

Sometimes, being a better parent (and spouse) means taking your focus off the kids.


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