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The Dad 2.0 community often emphasizes the importance of men’s mental health, both in this weekly column and at the conference, in the hope that more discussion will permeate where men aren’t supposed to be vulnerable. Professional sports comes to mind.

Male athletes have been defined by toughness—the outdated, stoic kind that insists men and emotion don’t mix. But we’re very enthused when athletes, by admitting they are struggling, are starting to take the brave steps to let the rest of us know that everyone has something that they are facing and doing so makes us better men. It makes us better people.

Recently, NBA stars DeMar DeRozan and Kevin Love went public about their experiences with depression and panic attacks, respectively. The outpouring of support they received throughout the league and sports media was amazing.

The conversation even circled back within our own Dad 2.0 community, where men that have been at the forefront of the modern masculinity conversation addressed their own “something,” inspired, as they were, to open up publicly for the first time.

This is huge. It is big for the sports community, showcasing support and awareness where once there were only stereotypes, but also for mental health workers, advocates, and those facing their own issues. It is tearing down the dangerous notion that tough guys are different than the rest of us, and it reminds everyone that every path comes with its own emotional struggles, whether or not you wear a size 19 shoe.


Parents, have you marched, protested, or otherwise engaged in activism with your kids?

Only 14% of children surveyed (ages 9-11) agreed that our nation’s leaders model how to treat people with kindness, and 77% say they have witnessed bullying.

When you think about it: Why give your little kids a huge meal right before they go to bed?

“When a parent feels under pressure to ‘get things right,’ the judgements of others can become overly persecutory.”

We all know that some friends are better influences than others, but what do we do when our kids are involved?

Do your kids keep a journal? Do you? There is healing in the writing.

Should Gen X parents be able to cast votes as proxy for their young kids?

Wonder how you’re integrating your home life and your work life? Ask your kids.

At some point, most parents will have to talk to their children about death. So how do we do it?


This speaks for itself, and it means speaking up:

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