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This past Wednesday, students across America participated in walkouts to honor the victims of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, as well as raise their collective voices for new gun laws. The Internet was full of teenagers, speaking passionately and eloquently, providing more hope for the future in 17 minutes than the news cycle has shared in 17 months, give or take.

It was an amazing thing to witness, a sense of pride for parents, educators, peers, and anyone that believes in the power of democracy.

However, the idea of children taking an active role in peaceful protests has some parents wondering what is age appropriate, namely for elementary school kids. Obviously, that’s a conversation to be had by individual families, but for those that decide to be involved, it is hard to argue with the power of their message, as seen in this video from Virginia:

Regardless of your views of gun control (we still fervently believe there’s room in our culture for responsible gun ownership while also keeping the most dangerous weapons away from the most dangerous people), we’re proud of the young people who are committing their passion to find the way forward that has somehow eluded the adults. And to those who think people too young to vote are too young to effect legislation, we think anyone is old enough to make a difference if they’re old enough to be shot at.


His father lost his throwing arm in Iraq, so he used his skills as captain of his robotics team to build a prosthetic arm.

Behold the “Penguin Dad,” who wants to be involved in every aspect of his child’s life—not because he’s forced to, but because he wants to play an equal role in being a parent.

“Thanks to Star Wars Rebels, my daughter is able to recognize it’s OK to be unique and different.”

We have a special level of esteem for Hawkeye, the devoted father who struggles with work-life balance.

“Kids should have support not just academically, but they also need the support mentally.”

Parents, do you “spy” on your teen’s digital life? Where do you draw the line?

“The fact that “heroism” is considered a requisite for “goodness” in the male paradigm is about as unreasonable and unfair as it gets.”

Food allergies don’t have to make family dining (too) difficult.

Have you talked to your kids about consent?


We love that Curtis Webster, Jr. and SmartyPants Vitamins were able to connect at Dad 2.0 in New Orleans, but not nearly as much as we love this video:

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