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As abiding fans of the written word, we’re grateful for the podcast format that in many respects is the next best thing. It’s long form. It affords participants to dive deeply into a topic, argue respectfully, and walk away, we hope, with enhanced perspectives.

Reading is more than fundamental, in our eyes, because of the cognitive and imaginative talents it cultivates in our and our kids’ brains. In some ways, though, a podcast beats a book because it’s conversational and social, replete with the non-verbal modes of communication that writing lacks.

Earlier this week, we were happy to see the arrival of Read & Comment, a podcast from our friends Jeff Bogle and Jason Greene, which wants to celebrate both by talking about reading. It’s a fun concept (how was that Twitter handle still available after all these years?!?), and we wish them well with it. And since we’re inspired, we figured we’d devote this week to listing some podcasts that that espouse the stories and passions of modern fatherhood:

Nobody should be surprised that we think conversations are everything, since we devote our work to bringing people together, face to face, to throw our arms around each other and discuss What’s What. We’re glad to help promote anything that keeps conversations going all year long.

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Some swimming and art lessons for little kids are titled “Mommy and Me” sessions, obviously catering to stay-at-home moms. Where’s the love for those super stay-at-home dads?

Dads in Britain are having a rough go with the new paternity leave laws, especially on returning to work. “Basically, they wanted to make the point that they weren’t happy with me.”

“More fathers want to take a more equal share of childcare, but current policies do not support them in doing so. There is a historical lack of support for men in this area, and negative cultural assumptions about gender roles persist.”

In Springfield, Missouri: “From a community safety perspective only, we ought to be thinking about the importance of fathers and keeping kids out of jails.”

Are your kids having trouble letting go of their old toys? Do they know there’s gold in them there plastic, beeping and plush hills?

We’ve all seen the stereotypes of menacing dads intimidating the dates of their teenage daughters. That’s not how you do it.

When Arnold Henry was told that his book on fatherhood wouldn’t sell because he’s a black dad, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

With all of the negative we hear about teens on social media, it’s easy to wonder if there are any positives. There are.

The airline wouldn’t let him fly with a four-day-old, so he called one of the few people he knew in Phoenix. “I didn’t expect her to say, “I’m coming to get you and take you home.'””


This week would have been Fred Rogers’s 90th birthday, and while our love for his popular show may be heavy with nostalgia, it is his impact on the future that has us really excited. We can’t wait for this:

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