FoF: Celebrating San Antonio with Our Weekend-Only Final Fourtitude Sale

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This Friday, of all Fridays, is a remarkable confluence of events that are routinely celebrated with religious fervor: Good Friday, Passover, and Final Four’s Eve. If you’re celebrating Easter on Sunday, He is risen! If you’ve got a seder planned tonight, Gut yontif! And if you picked Loyola-Chicago to cut down the nets in Atlanta, enjoy your next Wiccan solstice feast!

This weekend, the pulse of men’s college basketball is beating deep in the heart of Texas. San Antonio to be exact, where the river is walked and the walls remembered, and next year America’s seventh-largest city will add the Dad 2.0 Summit to its list of things to brag about.

If you’re a fan of the NCAA Tournament, chances are you have your own basketball bracket, broken and busted, with top teams falling like curse words and glass slippers hanging around long past midnight. Each step forward, for those of us following along at home, has been a study in talent, depth, timing, and luck. The parallels with parenthood are legion: We all work hard, and every choice we make takes us somewhere. Sometimes making it to the next round is victory enough.

With all the festivity going on around San Antone this weekend (and during this year, the city’s 300th), we want to get in on the action. So we’re proud to announce that our venue for the 2019 Dad 2.0 Summit is the Westin Riverwalk (see above), a perfect spot for exploring all that the historic Riverwalk has to offer!

And since we really think you’re going to want to join us for our eighth Summit, we’ve reopened the ticket window just this weekend with our $149 Final Fourtitude sale! If you missed out on our initial post-Dad 2.018 offering, here’s another unique chance to save big on your Dad 2.019 ticket. And hurry, because the sale ends when the next college basketball champion is crowned on Monday night*!

(* Subject to change if Loyola wins, and we feel compelled to heed a higher power.)


“Some fathers struggle more than others, but with time and effort, all parents can develop that loving bond with their children that they crave.”

For those of us entering the sandwich generation, the role of caregiver expands greatly. Here are some thoughtful tips for assisting our own aging parents.

From Mike Rowe: “We’re telling men to ‘man up’ when the going gets tough but condemning a climate of toxic masculinity at every turn. If that strikes you as confusing, imagine being a 14yo boy with no father figure to help you make sense of it.”

Really useful tips on how to parent a child with autism: “The modern world wasn’t designed with your child in mind, so adapt it to their needs.”

From Meghan Leahy: “What are they afraid of? That their children are failing and putting their future in jeopardy. I understand this fear.”

It turns out, it doesn’t really matter where our kids go to college.

Mike Diamond of Beastie Boys fame talks fatherhood, music, and maturity.

Despite the option of 18 weeks of paid parental leave (going to 20 in July), 53% of New Zealanders believe new dads don’t take the full amount because of fear they will be viewed as less committed to their job.

Proclaimed by the mayor as an official day in Butler, Alabama, Father and Son Halftime Day serves as a time for men to invest in a massive mentoring effort for the next generation.


From the creators of such hits as Convos With My 2-Year-Old and all that other great stuff they’ve done, comes PARENTAL GLADIATORS! Ep. 1, “The Birds* & The Bees & A Swarm of Bees.” *Birds not included.

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