FoF: Dad Bloggers Are Social Media Singers And Stingers

dad2summitFatherhood on Friday

There’s a sweet spot, somewhere between the selfie stick and a gearshift, where silliness and social media savvy meet. In this rarefied space, wonderful things happen.

Earlier this week, our good friends at Kia hosted a bunch of online influencers, including several Dad 2.0 Summit alumni, to build relationships and showcase the new and much-heralded Kia Stinger. The event looked like a lot of fun from afar, because their trending social media coverage filled our feeds with our longtime friends being taken care of by a brand that gets it–driving cars, eating donuts, singing live karaoke, and living in a “like” machine. We liked it all over the place.

We live in an age where social media often seems like the cause and cure of all that ails us, and sure, it has its faults. But the capacity for positive energy is undeniable when brands and people put their thumbs together. The dads at the Kia event did just that, and we hope to see more of it from other companies and more men in the online parenting space. Represent, fellas! You’re making a valuable impression that transcends the hashtags.


Unstructured play is a lot of fun, but did you know research shows it is also critically important to the development of a child’s body and brain? Play it up, kids!

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“Baseball is an integral part of our American culture because so many aspects of the game translate well to other endeavors. That includes parenting your child to swing for the fences, whatever their interests and talents.”

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“Reading is not only a source of joy for both children and parents, but also has many added health benefits, whether books are read alone or together as a family.”

More than 1,100 men have graduated from the Steadfast Fathers program since it launched in 2015, inviting fathers to form a community, strengthen their skills, and support each other.

If there’s a better way to honor thy father than to involve cold cuts?


The nominees for the Iris Awards have been announced! We’ve said it (tweeted) once and and we’ll say it (blogged) again: Congratulations to everyone who was nominated, we’re sure the ceremony on May 4th (Star Wars Day!) in Pasadena will be a blast.

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