FoF: They Say It’s Our Birthday!

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Monday was our seventh birthday, so we celebrated as any seven-year-old would, with a bounce house and lots of pizza and melted ice cream. And, since seven years is enough time for most of our bodies to completely regenerate, we also took the time to reflect a bit on our history.

On April 16, 2011, Wall Street was occupied, Japan was devastated by an earthquake, Bin Laden had less than a month to live, Gabrielle Giffords was recovering from her GSWs, and change was Arab-Springing throughout the Middle East. Instagram was 9 months old, Periscope and Vine hadn’t been conceived, and Facebook wasn’t a venal propaganda-cannon.

HBO was about to air the first episode of Game of Thrones, and Oprah was in the last month of her daytime show (presumably because she saw us coming onto the scene and knew the culture would be in good hands).

And while companies in America were still treating dads like the butts of their diaper jokes, the stereotype-busting image of the modern father was just starting to emerge:

We like to think our community, which delivered almost a half-billion #dad2summit hashtags last February, had something to do with that. And we couldn’t have done it any of it without you. Thanks to everyone who’s been on board for this (so far) seven-year ride!


Raising politically active kids doesn’t just happen.

“I loved my dad’s hands. They were soft and always warm, no matter how cold it was outside. When they went cold for the first and last time, the grief hit immediately, with the force of a truck.”

“I’m not interested in a college-age Jack-Jack. I’m just not. I’m interested in my sons growing up.” – Director Brad Bird on Incredibles 2

After this seven-year-old set the record for youngest female to scale Mt. Kilimanjaro, she looked in the sky for her father, who passed away when she was three.

“Part of their hesitation centered on a concern both men shared: what if their future child was bullied on account of having two dads?”

Do you pack lunch for your kids? Check out these super-powered meals from Beau Coffron, aka Lunchbox Dad.

Diaper changing stations in men’s rooms are becoming far more commonplace, but there are still plenty of places that don’t offer them. Sometimes you just have to get creative.

Hilary Swank, who took three years off from her Oscar-festooned acting career to care for her ailing father, wished him a happy 70th birthday.

Happy birthday as well to the new son of John Stamos, who seems to be taking to fatherhood very well.

In the current Mister Miracle storyline, Scott Free “has become the Highfather of New Genesis and taken on the responsibilities of leading an alien planet during wartime, but he’s also a regular father dealing with the stress of a newborn son.”


Dad 2.0 co-founder John Pacini and his son (who made this video) spent some time with our good friends at Kia Stinger Experience in Houston. It looks like they had a stinging good time:

This is what 0-80-0 feels like in the new #KiaStinger GT, from today’s #StingerExperience in Houston. Full video to follow, thanks to Adrian Pacini. Another half mile of track and this might also have been a Depends #Ad

Posted by John Pacini on Sunday, April 15, 2018

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