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Fatherhood is about building all the things, from character to memories, and the countless blocks between. We provide the foundation upon which our children grow and play, and also ample support for both. In turn, we are often inspired by our children with fits of creativity, most of which manifest themselves in the moment.

Then there are the dads that take it up several notches, turning the amp of awesomeness all the way to 11. For instance, do you share a love of Star Wars with your kids? Build them a Millennium Falcon bed, obviously. Want to take it outside? Have you considered an AT-AT (or a TIE fighter)?

These are not your father’s tree houses, but they might be your kid’s.

From full arcades to bat caves, dads around the world continue to wow us with their ingenuity. They build roller coasters in their back yards. (Or, they improvise the next-best thing.) They create massive, two-story playhouses and find a whole new career. Some bring their kids to Disney; others bring Disney home.

Is the creation of new worlds and adventures an innate dad quality? Does fatherhood increase our chances of design, or does it just provide the focus, the platform upon which blueprints are erected as tangible family-friendly fun?

Does it matter?

At the end of the day, the best thing any dad can build is a healthy relationship with his child(ren), and that doesn’t require any skills with hammer, paint, or saw. It only requires love.

That other stuff is pretty cool tho’.


We love stories like this: In order to commemorate the competition’s 25th anniversary this year, 24 dads raised $55K for Camp No Limits, which provides camps for children in need.

When fathers are engaged with their kids in these creative, playful ways, children pick up more vocabulary and can engage with their fathers linguistically a little better.

Ninety-two percent of dads indicated that “SMS4dads” had helped them in their transition to becoming fathers, and 83% said it helped their relationship with the mother.

New Zealand is looking at the paternity leave model in Sweden, where payments are pegged at 80% of the person’s previous income and fathers claim 27.9% of the total childcare leave, more than 10 times the New Zealand number.

“When a dad needs new ideas, he turns to Pinterest for help; 42% of U.S. dads use Pinterest, including 47% of dads with a household income of $100K or more.” Are you among them?

Baby in the womb? Dads can bond in more ways than singing to the mother’s belly (although that’s still highly recommended).

Dads are not only great at spotting a confidence gap, but they also play a crucial role in teaching their daughters to believe in themselves.

Men want more quality and fun time with their kids and to share in the harder work of caring for them. Some men, however, argue that their employers are unsupportive of this trend.

A Glasgow student created an app to connect dads, and it includes advice on nighttime routines, stories from other parents, mental health support and a directory of resources on parenting.


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