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Sunday is Father’s Day, once an occasion sewn from the collective threads of forgotten BBQ aprons adorned with such clever wordplay as “Get out of Dad’s grill” and “Beer Me,” but now expanded to such new levels of inclusiveness and modern masculinity that some of the aprons are for baking! Progress!

We’re also seeing campaigns like Dove Men+Care’s “Dear Future Dads,” which shows men who are understandably nervous about their entry into fatherhood but grateful for the chance to try. This, too, is progress.

It also checks out that Disney would choose Father’s Day weekend to release the long-awaited Pixar film Incredibles 2, which features our first look at Mr. Incredible/Bob Parr as a stay-at-home dad. Having seen an advance screening, because we’re cool like that, we can tell you it’s funny and real. For some, though, it will be easy to take offense. He does have trouble. There are jokes about it. However, and we believe this to be the saving grace, the jokes aren’t about some Mr. Mom lack of ability to care for his kids (he can cook, he doesn’t mind household chores, he gets the kids to the bus on time, he is very loving and affectionate, and he can change the diaper of a kid who routinely shoots lasers out of his eyes). Rather, he is dealing with things that throw the best of us (teen romance, new math, interdimensional travel), all while learning to swallow his own pride—steeped in a lifetime of traditional gender roles—and better himself in the process. We think that is the best progress of all.

We enjoy Father’s Day as a chance to reflect on our individual fatherhood, as well as on the work being done by fathers everywhere. The bottom line? Dads are making a dent. While active, involved fathers aren’t superheroes (no capes!), we are a reality. And the fact that Big Father’s Day is leaning more into love and family than ever before? Well, you see where this is going.

Happy Father’s Day, everyone! We hope it’s well above Parr.


Our hearts go out to the family, friends and fans of Anthony Bourdain, especially his 11-year-old daughter. If you or someone you know is struggling or in crisis, you are not alone, call 800-273-TALK for help.

The night before Father’s Day is Father’s Eve, when dads are meeting all over the country to celebrate fatherhood. Find a gathering near you!

You’ve probably seen the video of the dad who joined his young daughter on stage to help her through her ballet dance, but who is he?

“At 5½ years old, I knew some things about the world. I also knew that I had plenty of dads in my life, and that I could count on them.”

“When you talk to involved dads you quickly discover that the positive effects of becoming one aren’t just for the children. Fathers’ own ideas of manhood expand during the transition, as do their abilities to form rewarding human connections.”

“So when the tradition of Father’s Day came along each year, we just didn’t fit the mold. We just couldn’t celebrate like the other dads we knew. And I always resented it. It hit me at my core.”

Even now, with dad organizations more popular then ever, many fathers have trouble finding groups when they need it most.

There are plenty of healthy, productive ways for kids to use social media, and it starts by being positive.

Hey, parents! Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water, here’s something else to worry about (bonus points for being gross).


  • “It’s moments like this; the shroud of mundane that is associated with parenthood, is stripped away. What was, just moments ago, the same boring routine, is now the sudden realization of how much time has passed; how much has changed; how much has happened, and how much you’ll miss going forward.” – Mike Cruse, Daddy Dis Way
  • “Suppose that you had an opportunity to do something really cool with your kids. Not just cool, but something that was an unforgettable experience, the likes of which would create memories which would last forever. Now suppose that you weren’t allowed to partake in this opportunity because of your gender.” – Mike Armstrong, No Father’s Day
  • “I admit there is a part of me that remains embarrassed to be a stay-at-home father. I never envisioned myself in this role. Caring for my children while remaining unemployed was a huge blow to my ego.” – Billy Kilgore, Unsolicited Parenting Advice for Mr. Incredible
  • “There is never a time when memory forgets its childish beginnings, for how can a soul forget or fail to reference innocence not wholly lost? The danger isn’t the loss of a thing, the horror is in the forgetting of having ever had it.” – D. Durand Worthey, Reflection : A Walking Tour of San Diego
  • “This is the last summer of his always being here, lanky and lazy, stretched across the couch without worry or agenda. This is the last summer of the status quo and our comfort with it.” – Whit Honea, The Window of Childhood Doesn’t Need Cleaning 

Here’s another fun point about the progress of Father’s Day from Dad 2.0 Summit alum Stewart “Brittlestar” Reynolds (it has over 2 MILLION views!). For years, the image of dads was that of bumbling oafs with one good pair of cargo shorts and easy access to the TV remote. Thankfully, we’ve come far enough that we can laugh again, at ourselves and the stereotypes. Because at the end of the day, there’s good work being done, and everybody knows it. Thanks, Stewart, and congratulations!

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Photo: Disney/Pixar