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A highlight of every Dad 2.0 Summit is the collective readings from our Dad Spotlight Readers (such as Doug Zeigler, pictured above), each taking his shot on the main stage, just a microphone, a well-crafted piece of writing, and a room overflowing with support. You can feel the moment, and frankly, we relish it.

It all started with a conversation a few years back during the off-season. We were standing around the Dad 2.0 water cooler, missing everyone and the words they shared, when it hit us: Let’s feature five writers as a weekly part of Fatherhood on Friday. Granted, we could never recreate the magic of a live reading, but we could certainly pull our chairs a little closer, enjoy a cup of something, and let the story take us the way that stories do. And so the Porchlight Posts were born, and they’ve been growing ever since.

For instance, since Dad 2.018 we have shared 100 Porchlight Posts written by 61 dads. That means there are not only a ton of stories worth telling in the world of online dads, but also plenty of storytellers worth reading.

Topics have ranged from diapers and birthdays to politics and policy. We have shared personal accounts of loss and addiction, joy and adventure, the full spectrum of pride and hardship of parenting. Not every story is about fatherhood per se, but they are all influenced by its lens. Fatherhood is the thread that connects an endless sea of dots, and the picture made is worth far more than a thousand words. The Porchlight Posts are downright priceless.

If you’re a dad creating content online, please share it with us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram by tagging #Dad2Summit and #FoF. You never know, the next porch we sit on might be yours.


Science stuff: “The fathers who received oxytocin showed higher levels of activity in the regions of the brain linked with reward, empathy, and attention than fathers who had received a placebo.”

A new study has found that parenthood is associated with increased satisfaction and happiness most among fathers. We thought as much.

Do fathers really make a difference? All signs point to yes.

“It doesn’t matter if you have your kids as a solo parent, or as a part of a working family, or as part of a family where the mother stays at home: kids need their dads, and dads need and want the flexibility to spend time with their kids.

Clutching another baby to his chest, Daniels held 2-year-old Bella’s hand as he expertly twirled alongside her, pirouetting and curtsying as the crowd looked on.”

“The need for inspiration is only an excuse, and a lazy one. If you want to avoid such troubling regrets, the remedy is clear: take action while you can.”

Florida’s high court unanimously agreed that biological fathers should no longer be automatically blocked from having contact with their children born to women who are married to someone else.

When anger runs in the family, it needs to be addressed, clearly and often.

Hot take: Parenting is the hardest job you’ll ever love.


  • “Starlings in the slipstream. Starlings like a daydream. We can all exist and subsist and all at once. Love each other. Be thieves of love and murmurating participants in a bustle of wings. Love, and love.” – Thom Hofman, Starlings in the Slipstream
  • “You are a boy that is nothing but smiles. It doesn’t matter where you are or who you are with; you have a smile on your face. Your first year was rough, being sick and all, but this second year has been anything but.” – Brandon Billinger, A Letter to My Son on His 2nd Birthday
  • “Parents have a responsibility to teach their children how to acknowledge the past, live in the present, and prepare a future for the generations to come.” – David Kepley, Fourth of July Messages Children Should Hear from You, Take to Heart
  • “My beautiful daughter, I see a growing strength in you that inspires me. You have brought me to tears watching you invest yourself in activities and succeeding despite your fears. I am proud of all you have done, all that you are.” – Hop Dad, You Are 9
  • “That’s why we invest in the summer. It is an opportunity to recharge, to build memories, to find adventure. And as a teacher, I bottle all those things up and store them for the grey times.” – Creed Anthony, The Strength of Summer

Celebrity dads are just like us, especially those of us that are rich and handsome. We all love our kids something fierce, and Ryan Reynolds is no exception. Here’s a fun look at Reynolds getting it.

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