FoF: Twitter Adds By Subtracting

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If you’re an active Twitter user, you probably noticed that your follower count took a hit yesterday, during the first throes of The Great Twitter Cull of 2018. After mounting criticism, Twitter has finally begun thinning the herd, removing those who exist only through their non-existence: the fake accounts, the bots, and the long deserted.

Of course, there is uproar. Popular accounts that base their own worth upon the number of their masses do not like said masses subtracted, regardless of their connection to reality.

The trick, as we see it from our soapbox, is to be an engager, not a collector. Because a following on social media is meant to boost messages, thoughts, and general conversation, not your ego.

And the buck doesn’t stop at 280 characters. Companies are seeing Twitter’s purge of impressions and raising it with integrity. For example:

It’s a good sign for our industry that brands are working harder to analyze an influencer’s following, rather than merely taking a huge heap of followers at face value. If social media platforms are to continue to serve their crucial role, in both interaction and influence, they need to maintain a commitment to be, well, social.

Case in point: On a day when we lost about 80 followers, our engagement was up by around 7%. So really, we’re enjoying the chance to slough off a few pounds. We’re nearing our fighting weight, and it feels good.


Data on working fatherhood from the Pew Research Center show that the hopes and experiences of being a parent today for American men are dramatically different than those of previous generations.

When kids are small, a parent’s right to speech is likely stronger than the child’s interest in online privacy. But when the child gets older, the right to privacy may be stronger, and they would benefit from being able to control their digital footprint.

If you’re a grocery store and ignoring the growing population of dad shoppers, you’re “leaving money on the table.”

“It had been three months since these dads seeking asylum in the U.S. were separated from their children. All of whom are under five years old.”

“I think a lot of people think of my father as this prince of darkness, who was just moody and dark, especially onstage. But, in my experience, that wasn’t him at all.”

“Like all new fathers, I’m destined to be influenced by my dad’s life, a life that in many ways was tragic & unfulfilling. But my dad’s inability to accept himself will ultimately have a positive impact on how I approach raising my own kids.”

Bottom line: Life gets easier when you have someone to confide in.

The #AbsenceNoMore campaign is the driving force behind “Daddy Oh Daddy,” the illustrated keepsake for expectant fathers that is designed to provide dads with their own significant moment where they too can be a part of the childbearing process.

Fun nature tip! As far as lemurs are concerned: The more childcare you exhibit, the manlier you get.


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