FoF: Smells Like School Spirit

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Summer is more than a season, it is a state of mind. Summer takes a load off, and maybe a little more if you’re lucky. For our kids, it is a time of exploration and discovery, but even for those of us that still put in an honest day’s work (give or take), life just feels easier, relatively speaking.

With school starting it is time for responsibility to take it up a notch and noses to resume their lean against the proverbial grindstone. Yet, even before the first day of school, the world gets increasingly hectic. The air is ripe with pressure.

Dads everywhere are, or soon will be heavily involved in back-to-school preparations, from registration of classes to tuning up their kid’s first car, buying new shoes and fresh haircuts. The days fill quickly.

While it’s the kids who are facing the biggest change in routine, back-to-school still finds the occasional parent cheering the calendar, dancing behind their forlorn children trudging all the way to the bus stop like some Dickens-themed parade. For most of us, however, it just means more time bustling to and fro and back again. We’ll pass our kids in the hallway, like Ted from accounting.

For parents, the added duties of the school year get right back in the saddle bags, more to carry as we ride through the workweek, chasing Manifest Destiny toward a corner office one cubicle at a time. We’ll have homework, too.

None of which takes away for the wide world of potential that awaits our kids as they embark upon a new year of scholastic pursuit. The end of summer may find dads adding a few more chainsaws to the daily juggling routine, but hey, that’s show biz.

Frankly, we’ve got the best seats in the house.


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“If there’s one thing the world needs, it’s positive role models for fathers to look up to. And here we have a guy with a successful media career who is cutting right back on his workload in order to do the heavy lifting at home.”

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