FoF: Conference Season Blasts Off

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Each February, when our opening keynote takes the stage, we take in the ballroomful of online influencers, entrepreneurs and business owners, media, brand marketers, and fatherhood researchers and advocates who’ve come from all over the world to talk about dads. It’s a good room.

That moment is the culmination of a six-month rocket ride of conference prep that launches with our annual Call For Speakers and Ideas, the fall fortnight we look forward to every year. And this year, we’re lighting the fuse earlier than ever, because frankly the suspense was more than we can handle. We’re impatient. It happens.

Starting Monday, August 20, we hope you’ll sound off about the issue(s) that you feel most strongly about, whether or not you’d like to come to the Westin Riverwalk in San Antonio and speak about them. And if you’re looking for tips on how to submit your ideas, check out our breakout sessions for 201220132014, 2015, 2016, 2017 Friday and Saturday, and 2018 Friday and Saturday. We realize that some topics are evergreen and worthy of our attention, but we want to avoid carbon copies. If you want to revisit a topic, be sure to tell us what’s changed, and how to update the conversation. For example, thanks to our friends at Dove Men+Care, parental leave is as hot of a topic as ever, and when it comes to policy we’re all-in.

We also talk a lot about professional blogging and social media, connecting with brands to create content marketing campaigns, but we also know that before you can build a career as a paid blogger, you have to find your groove as a writer, as a father, and as a man. Subject matter over this complete spectrum is welcome.

For the record, moms are more than welcome. Our conference may have “Dad” in the title, but many moms have spoken over the years, and we value their expertise.

We also encourage new voices. If you haven’t pitched an idea before, we especially want to hear from you. We thrive on new faces and perspectives; more than 73% of last year’s speakers had never spoken with us before!

Think specific, but don’t overthink. And whatever you do, don’t wait.

Bonus: This year, thanks to our impatience, the Call for Speakers & Ideas will actually be open while tickets to Dad 2.0 are still $199! After Labor Day they go up to $249. Also, you can’t wear white. Buy yours now!


Are dads immune from parent guilt?

… or are we merely less inclined to talk about it because “it’s just a fact of life and you learn to deal with it”?

We’ve never liked the term “work-life balance,” since “balance” implies a 50/50 trade-off. It’s nice, then, to agree with Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest person.

“When you are a teacher, you feel like a part of these children’s lives. Their daughter was like a child of my own. I didn’t want to see her without a dad.”

“When I got engaged I wanted pink roses for my bouquet, and my dad sourced three varieties of beautiful scented pink roses that he planted and minded for a year and a half.”

“I was on the side of the bed with her the whole time. I even caught myself pushing when the doctor was saying, ‘Push!’ and she was like, ‘What are you pushing for?’”

Males account for roughly half of all infertility, yet fertility has historically been perceived as largely a female matter. While women have specialists trained in female reproduction, there is no equivalent for men.

With all the heated talk of trade and tariffs, one hot American export has remained out of the headlines: sperm.

Dads, are you reluctant to share family content with social networks that include coworkers and other professional relationships?


This week we lost a legend, and would be remiss not to mention Aretha Franklin and thank her for the many gifts she shared with the world. This moment was but one of them:

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