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You’ve heard a lot about the #Dads4Kesem walk across England since plans for the 100-mile trek began back in early 2016. And this week we’re celebrating it one last time, because the journey has finally reached the ultimate finish line. The goal of the trip, as you may remember, was to raise the $40,000 of seed money to launch a Camp Kesem chapter at the University of Maryland, the alma mater of our late friend Oren Miller. And last Monday, we got to visit that camp, which is up and running and wonderful … and hosting Oren’s two kids:

We’re still a bit gobsmacked by how a fleeting idea became a plan, then a (literally) mobilizing philanthropic effort, and now a tangible source of comfort for kids coping with a parent’s cancer. It’s the best and only reward we ever hoped for, and well worth all those blisters and fierce panting fits.

It seems extraordinarily fitting that, on that same day, we opened the window for donations to and applications for the Scholarship Fund that bears Oren’s name. A Miller Grant comprises a free ticket to Dad 2.019 and a $500 stipend for travel and housing expenses, and as anyone who’s received one will tell you, they can make a huge difference. Our community defines what we stand for by receiving help and paying it forward. If you can, please consider a donation; the deadline is Movember 30.


Now that Conference Prep is actively underway, we’re introducing a new feature to our weekly column that summarizes all the news about the 2019 Dad 2.0 Summit in San Antonio that we announced during the week. Herewith:


Where are all of the parenting books for fathers in 2018?

Free haircuts for back-to-school kids is wonderful service for the community. And when the barber is an active dad who also works as a police officer at night? That’s amazing.

In South Africa, “the Labour Laws Amendment Bill has been approved by the National Council of Provinces and has been sent to President Cyril Ramaphosa for a final sign-off.”

“Effectively, and this is a slight generalization, the study suggests that kids do better if you actually talk to them.”

“You definitely look at life a little different now . . . he’s only three weeks old. But certain things that mattered before don’t matter as much anymore. It’s been great. I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

“One in 59 children has autism, yet I’m still baffled about how much time I spend explaining autism to other people, especially to educators and medical professionals.”

When it was suggested that these parents dress their young daughter in more gender-stereotyped attire, they got creative. The internet, of course, loved it.

Parenthood responsibilities cramping your style? Have you considered outsourcing potty training? It’s a movement.

What are the most common sexist assumptions about stay-at-home parents, and what can we do to stop them from becoming a problem?


Admittedly, at first glance we didn’t think much about this video. Sure, David Beckham is often photographed as a doting father, but obviously he’s being featured in this Cosmo montage because he’s a celebrity sex symbol, not for his unflinching love of fatherhood, right? Wrong. (OK, probably both, but still.) The scene where his son surprises him? That’s the real deal. Dad it like Beckham.

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