FoF: Happy Father’s Day, Mate

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In the United States, we’re about to launch into Labor Day Weekend, which has officially honored the achievements and importance of the American worker since 1884. Which is around the same time that some snooty so-and-so invented rules about putting your white clothes in mothballs.

On the other side of our *decidedly spherical* planet, however, Australians and New Zealanders will spend Sunday celebrating Father’s Day (and presumably, readying their summertime white wardrobes).

It got us thinking about how acknowledging the importance of fatherhood is by no means just an American thing. Men all over the world are recalibrating the role of a dad in a kid’s life, as our friends at Promundo and the Men Care campaign showcased in their wonderful State of the World’s Fathers report. We also see and post stories every day about dads all over the globe, such has how paid paternity leave (beyond the usual parenting paradigm of Sweden) is becoming a hot topic everywhere, from South Africa to South Korea to Vietnam.

If you’re raising a glass to the father in your life this weekend, good on ya, mate. Fair dinks.


Now that Conference Prep is actively underway, we’re summarizing all the news about the 2019 Dad 2.0 Summit in San Antonio announced during the week. Herewith:


Fathers, partners, and adoptive parents will get 12 weeks of Paid Parenting Leave. Nice job, General Mills!

Men’s mental health is a constant conversation at Dad 2.0, and it is one that more people need to have, especially fathers.

Including dads in school activities is a win-win for the kids and the schools (and the dads)!

“I was there for my son’s first steps, the first time he crawled, and his first word, instead of being in the office and told about it over the phone.”

“We all know that being a parent isn’t easy—that things go wrong more often than not, and that most of the time we won’t be around to catch the falling kid. That’s why it’s fun to applaud those times when we do.”

“The problem of gender inequity won’t end if we simply stop telling jokes about clueless dads. But it’s a step in the right direction, and one we should all be willing to collectively take.”

Do you let your kid play 11-on-11 full-contact football? Safety concerns are having an effect on overall participation.

Mixing honey and vinegar when it comes to your kids’ grades? Perhaps you should dig a little deeper.

There are plenty of reasons not to smoke, but if you’re a man trying to start a family, here’s another one.


  • “I’ve lied to my son to make my life easier. I’ve lied to him to shield him from pain. I’ve lied to him because I’m tired and can’t be bothered to put together a proper explanation.” – Stuart Hood, Is It Okay to Lie to Your Children?
  • “The barrage of questioning was too much. They wore me down, they out-paced and out-witted and out-ran and out-maneuvered me. I couldn’t answer fast enough. I felt trampled and stampeded and instead of prevaricating and dodging and weaving, I went straight to sex.” – Gavin Lodge, Sex Talk With My 5yo
  • “Here is a simple way to support and advocate for overall parental leave – as a father, let people know you are on paternity leave – from posting on Facebook to a conversation with other family members.” – Roberto Santiago, Paternity Leave is for Every Father
  • “After the death of a celebrity, from athletes to musicians and movie stars, they’re instantly remembered for the better parts of their nature. Their sins and errors are quickly forgotten—even if only temporarily.” – Nicholas Casey, Mourning a Maverick
  • “Just ceaseless bouncing while exclaiming over and over, ‘this is going to be the best day ever!’ He wasn’t wrong.” – Joe Medler, Diary of a Wimpy (and Awesome) Bookstore

Say what you will about the dad bod, we believe it is what you make it (one whatever move this is at a time):

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