FoF: How Attending Dad 2.0 Can Improve Your Social (Media) Life

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Today’s a big day, because it’s the last day of our annual Call For Speakers and Ideas, a time that combines the pomp of Christmas with the longevity of two Hanukkahs. We’ve gotten some really great submissions this year, and we’re especially ready for the flurry from everyone who inevitably waits until the last possible minute (because, y’know, parenting).

Social media is often credited with connecting our world as never before, but it also seems to lend itself to social misunderstanding. Enraging rather than engaging. Such is the folly of text without context.

Ever since Albert Mehrabian proposed his “7-38-55” rule back in the 1960s, smarter people than we have asserted (and vigorously debated) that most of human communication is non-verbal. Or: what we say is less important then how we say it. And by stripping away a lot of the How, social media leaves more What that can be misinterpreted, over- or under-analyzed, lost in translation.

And that’s why we’re in the Summit business. Meeting people IRL restores the How, so we can be better equipped to appreciate–and less inclined to reactively and anonymously malign–the What. That is, putting a real face to an avatar makes social media much more social. After all, a conversation is not one-sided. It is back-and-forth, the sharing of ideas.

It is in this spirit of humanizing our digital space that we call this time the Call for Speakers and Ideas. Even if, for whatever reason, you’re unable to speak with us, we want you to be heard.


The Dad 2.019 Call for Speakers AND Ideas ENDS TODAY!

  • Submit your Call For Speakers and Ideas form now! Have questions? Check out our Speaker Submission Tips.
  • Now that our Summer Sale has ended, Summit tickets are available here for just $249.
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Reynolds, who passed yesterday, once said “If you hang onto something long enough, it will come back in style . . . like me.” We’re not sure he ever went out of style, but we’ll hold on all the same.

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