FoF: Self-Care Makes A Man Stronger

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Last week, we wrote about the importance of real-life connection, putting faces to feeds and embracing the thoughts behind the thumb emojis. Knowing a person puts their text in context, and that’s enough clever wordplay for one day.

Another very prevalent topic among parents is self-care, which we often see analogized as making sure your own oxygen mask is in place before you tend to your kid’s. It can seem counterintuitive, since most aspects of parenting are inherently selfless. But that doesn’t change the fact that the kids don’t benefit when Dad’s a basketcase.

While self-care has been trending recently—from meditation to expensive contraptions—the easing of one’s personal stress has been around forever. And we like to think we’ve been ahead of the curve, partnering with a brand like Dove Men+Care (see their yoga session at Dad 2.015, above) since the beginning. Because their tagline “Care makes a man stronger” is just as relevant when you aim that care at yourself.

Self-care is big business for a reason: It works. And it’s about time more men understood what the women in our lives often try to teach us: It’s just as important for us dudes to embrace it, and to realize when we need it.

For a lot of us, that important reset happens in a group setting. Getting out once a week for a round of beers. Tailgating on Sunday. And attending a conference with a lot of guys who relate to whatever ails you (if you’re a stay-at-home dad, maybe that reset comes at HomeDadCon, currently underway in Orlando).

Conferences offer such a reset, a respite from daily routine, equally reflective and engaging. It is both gentle unwind and swift charge of the battery. It is a shared self-care experience, a few days of collective deep breathing bent upon a prism of perspective. And it underscores the important point that despite whatever individually stresses you out, we’re all in this together.


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