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One of the first topics we ever tackled at Dad 2.0 was the depiction of dads on TV, and how art has as much power to influence life as to imitate it. The Emmy organizers had the same idea with this opening on Monday night, this time addressing the lack of diversity in Hollywood. And amid a performance of the “One Of Each” Dancers, they solved it!

They didn’t solve it. But we think the incremental progress is encouraging.

The same is true about the many looks of fatherhood, as evidenced over and over on Instagram. A quick search of #dadlife will turn up a vast array of men who, despite wide variations in experience and appearance, exult in the universal principle that fatherhood is the best thing ever.

Fatherhood knows no limits, no borders, no prejudice. Nor is it divided by walls, oceans, or lengths of chain-link fence. Rather, it is a thing we celebrate by acknowledging the different, owning it, and being better because of it. It is our difference that keeps us interesting, and what makes the stories that we find each week worth telling, and listening to.

Given today’s Google Doodle, it seems appropriate to include the video tribute to Fred Rogers here. Because while too much of America is busy talking about how to champion diversity, Mister Rogers just did it. He was an example for everyone, and his stories were, and remain, fantastic.



Fact: Our suspicions have been confirmed! Fatherhood is good for you!

The benefits for kids participating in intergenerational programs are many, while 97% of adults in such programs said they felt happy, loved and needed. It’s a win-win.

Fathers are incredibly important in supporting daughters’ choices to pursue math and science.

“Anything that’s human is mentionable, and anything that is mentionable can be more manageable. When we can talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting and less scary.” – Fred Rogers

“Polling data shows a witheringly small number of people think mum should do most of the parenting. Most folk think it should be shared.”

“Just selfishly, having a child is the best thing anyone can do for their own anxiety, if your anxiety is like mine, which is to say based in fantasy . . . now I get to worry about something that’s visible.” – Jesse Eisenberg

Do you nag your kids?

We read/share a lot of pieces stressing the importance of talking to our kids about news, politics and current events in age-appropriate ways. Here’s a case for not doing it.

Got a dadbod? Own it.



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