FoF: Dads Put the “Fun” In Crowdfunding

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Dads are givers. From advice to hugs, time to support, cash to more cash, dads provide their kids with the means to pursue their goals and be the best them they can be.

As we searched for some good news to counterbalance one of the more infamous Congressional hearings in recent memory, we decided to focus on the dads all around the world who are supporting causes that they believe in, whether it for the greater good or inspired by events much closer to home. Philanthropic acts can be a dirty job. They can totally rock. They can be practical and stylish.

And sometimes, sadly, the inspiration stems from maintaining a memory:

Whatever their reason for giving, the way dads give is what makes it unique. They often find a way to make it quirky and amusing, despite the weight of the issues involved, or perhaps because of it. Laughter is a thing worth giving, too, and as evidence mounts of our government’s regressive tendencies, we’re going to continue to encourage every dad who takes action to be the change he wants to see.


Donations recently reached the $1,500 threshold, good enough for our third Miller Grant to Dad 2.019!


Autumn in fatherhood means many things, not the least of which is flipping the calendar on seasonal outings and activities!

And now, the science of wordplay and its eye-rolling impact upon America’s great familial oral tradition: the dad joke.

Dads, is it time to forgive Mr. Mom?

“Here’s the thing about being a good father: it’s not about you.”

“The smartphone is how typical American teens connect, support and love one another. Because of smartphones, our teens are some of the most global, news-literate humans on this Earth.”

“If they’re going to create purpose from nothing, parents, particularly fathers, have to help kids discover their unique selves.”

How well is your teen sleeping?

Is the future more Skynet or Jetsons? And will your kids be able to find a job?

Parents often overlook the effects of the big picture—the landscape of the classroom—where their child is but one in a diverse group of people that spend their day together.



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