FoF: When Social Media Literally #NailedIt

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If you’re hanging around Franklin, Massachusetts, today, you might see more people than usual walking around with painted fingernails. This is just the latest development in the worldwide whirlwind of attention that has descended on five-year-old Sam Gouveia.

Sam likes to paint his nails because “it looks pretty,” and because it’s a special thing he does with his grandmother, a former manicurist. When he got teased at school, his dad took to social media to vent his frustration—not with the school officials or staff, whom he adores—but the real life hashtag of #toxicmasculinity and the seeds it has sown in schoolyards across America.

As was the case last weeks (after some puffy twit made fun of Daniel Craig for wearing his infant in a carrier), the real story is in the overwhelmingly positive response. Traditional, online, and social media outlets have all put their polish on the tale, making headlines in China, Australia, Britain and Canada. The saga of Sam has hit major newspapers, magazines, morning programs, websites, and pop culture juggernauts.

The coverage is exceptional because the story is relatable. Many of us have been in similar situations, fighting our own good fights, and that only adds to the appeal of standing against stereotypes and tired tropes. We have seen the story of Sam in our own kids, maybe even ourselves, and we know the pangs of a dad’s frustration. This is the stuff viral was meant for.

Sam really appreciates it.


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“Parents should have confidence in the foundation they laid when their kids were younger.”

I was hurting. Bad. I’ve never wrestled with depression or powerful negative emotions before. I figured I’d been blessed with enormous fortitude; turns out, I’d just been lucky.”

“Experts say the more boys are encouraged to learn how to talk with emotional authenticity, respectfully, the healthier they are and the less likely they are to grow into the kind of men who leave destruction in their wake.”

Want to make the world better? Try introducing it to your kids.

Sometimes, as this dad found out, bullying is a thinly veiled cry for help.

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Top photo courtesy of Aaron Gouveia