Fatherhood Is A Gift

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We’re back! After a week off for #BlackFriday and #SmallBusinessSaturday and #CyberMonday and myriad other hashtags designed to foment mass consumerism, we’ve been spending this week concentrating on a spree of benefaction that began with #GivingTuesday. Because after a long weekend of meals and deals within the tight arms of a generous hug. the giving is what matters most.

While the overwhelming majority of causes and organizations asking for donations on Giving Tuesday were banking on dollars, it’s safe to say that any other day—you have 364 to choose from—those same folks would greatly appreciate something else of value: your time. Which is an especially convenient alternative if money is tight.

This year, we spent Giving Tuesday amplifying organizations that have participated in previous Dad 2.0 Summits, and all of the great work they do. That list includes (but is not limited to) St. Jude, The Exodus Road, Being Black at School, and Camp Kesem, respectively.

We’re also partial to Movember, which we’ve supported since our beginning:

Giving works on so many levels. Not only does it provide assistance to those who need it now (and make you feel pretty warm in the process), but it also helps to foster a culture of giving for our children, who are watching everything we do.

They’re always watching.

It’s on us as fathers, parents of all stripes, to set our kids on a path to betterment. That’s a path for everyone. Last week was a big hug of giving. Let’s hug it out a little while longer.


Today is a milestone for Dad 2.019 because it features two very important deadlines:

  • Today is the last day to contribute to our Movember Dads team! Thanks to everyone who has helped raise almost $4,000 to support research into men’s cancers.
  • Thanks to a $500 grant from City Dads Group and a generous, equivalent match, we’ve secured funding for at least seven Miller Grants this year! If you’d like to apply for one (or donate toward an eighth), click here!

Further down the road: You have two more weeks to prepare and send in up two three candidate posts for this year’s Dad Blogger Spotlights.


New research shows the effects of postnatal depression in fathers is similar to that in mothers; however, men are generally less likely to seek help for mental health issues.

Ever since a dad called attention to sexist dress codes, school districts across the country have implemented policies that are more gender-neutral.

More than half of working fathers say they find it difficult to balance professional and family lives, and companies are paying more attention to what dads want.

“The number of boys being treated in hospitasl for eating disorders is at an all-time high.”

“In our home, I take on a lot of responsibilities that previous generations would have scoffed at.”

We love this new ad featuring Kyrie Irving and his dad playing one-on-one. “My dad sacrificed his dream so I could live mine.”

This dad is facing his fears just to spend time with his children, and it’s pretty darn special (even if they’re laughing at him).

Parents have been rinsing dropped pacifiers in assorted beverages for years, but new science suggests the best way to clean it is you.

One of the most important things you’ll ever teach your kid: When we fall, we get back up.



This week the featured ‘gram is actually part of an Instagram series (as seen in our top photo). Our pal Beau Coffron and his wife got creative for the holidays, and we think it’s just the merriest!

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