Announcing Our 2019 Miller Grant Winners!

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December 7 may live in infamy, but we’re trying to do our little part to counterbalance that with our Oren Miller Dad 2.0 Scholarship Fund by establishing the tradition of announcing our recipients today, since December 7 also happens to be the birthday of Oren’s son, Liam.

This fifth year of the Miller Grants was a big one, since this was the year that Camp Kesem opened it University of Maryland camp, which Oren’s kids attended. It was a long time coming, with lots of fundraising and hiking and such, and we’re very proud to see that camp and this fund standing as tangible monuments to Oren’s legacy.

Congratulations to this year’s Miller Grant recipients!

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this effort, and to Scholarship Chair Brent Almond for pulling it all together. You’re all helping expand our community and laying the foundation for many years to come, and because of that, we’re all ten times better off. And happy 11th birthday, Liam!