FoF: Your “Dad Christmas” May Vary

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Dad Christmas SNL

Last weekend, Saturday Night Live aired a short film called “Dad Christmas,” when two kids spend the holiday at their newly-single dad’s crappy apartment (complete with a broken futon, “inside cigarettes,” and Deirdre the New Girlfriend). It’s the kind of thing that’s a little bit funny, unless you’re living through it. (In fact, if you have lived through it, the time when stuff like this seems amusing again is a good sign that your life is on the mend.)

This is a premise built on all of those negative stereotypes of single and divorced dads that we’ve been shaking fists at for nearly a decade. But we have something now that we didn’t have years ago: progress. Because when we saw it, it kind of barely registered.

Over our tenure, there have been great strides made in the portrayal of fatherhood in media. And while bumbling morons do continue to dot the landscape, they are more often shown in shades of irony, no longer the standard. Even SNL gets it.

We would have linked to the skit for those of you who missed it (and most of you probably did), but when we looked for the URL, we found it had been scrubbed from the Internet. It seems, then, that SNL has overreacted to our underreaction and backed away from the social media backlash, the torches and pitchforks of a moderately peeved Twitterverse.

Regardless of whether SNL’s regret is knee-deep or negligible, we’re happy to say our take on “Dad Christmas” remains the same: relative indifference. And we can afford that, because our culture has less interest in lazy writing tropes. We’ve all moved on.

Which is not to say we won’t still be watching: Tomorrow night, one of our favorite celebrity dads, Jason Momoa, is hosting the show. You better believe Aquaman gets it.


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How can parents help teens build their own supportive village?

How will the choices you make now regarding time spent with work and family affect your future relationship(s)?

Bottom line: “So we know a lot, and these new devices put media in the hands of kids at too early an age and are unfiltered—and it needs to be filtered. The filters are parents.”

“The average family barely spends 45 minutes together during weekdays, and less than three hours together during the days on the weekend.”

“I struggle to discover and maintain cheer. I think of the tradition I was a part of, and it strikes me squarely as an impossible achievement. I question the value of carrying such traditions into my children’s lives, even if possible.”

“We encourage all kids to play, create and dream with whatever toy is on their wish list. We believe it is so important to provide the fun stuff that allows kids to imagine and grow, unhindered by traditional gender stereotypes.”

You can learn a lot from a man who works his ass off for a living.

Kids trying to make a buck? Move over lemonade stand (and pretty much any other job ever held by anyone), the real money is unboxing online.

Bedtime can be a battle, put some science in the trenches.



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