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At a time when many of us are about to gather with people we (hopefully) love, we’re starting to pay more attention to those who don’t get nearly enough. Adult loneliness has become such an epidemic that if you web-search “loneliness epidemic,” you’ll find a slew of resources—such as this post in The Atlantic from our friend Jess Lahey and her husband Tim, which links loneliness to depression, dementia, infections, heart disease, and cancer.

There’s also this Wall Street Journal article, which predictably takes a more fiscal approach, asserting that social detachment costs Medicare 6.7 Billion-With-A-B dollars a year.

At this point, you’re probably thinking, Why you gotta bring me down, bro? These are elderly people, and I’m young. (OK, young-ish.)

Yes, but we won’t be young-ish forever. Social media has been derided lately, but it still connects us in a truly awesome way (and Dad 2.019 Presenting Sponsor Google wants to make it awesomer). The fact is, the groundwork of companionship we lay now may serve us all greatly later on. And social interaction doesn’t survive without the IRL meetings that really unite us.

That is why we believe so strongly in the power of the conference, any conference (but especially ours) to put people in a room and encourage them to connect with one another. Relying on mere text, sent through some third-party (and decidedly for-profit) platform robs us humans of 93% of our power to communicate.

Young or old, we all need to brace ourselves against that possible future of loneliness by befriending as many incredible people as we can and cherishing them forever. We know a place you can do that and take a lot of group selfies (“ussies”?), and it starts in 10 weeks.


That’s right! Ten weeks from now, we’ll all be navigating our favorite Fatherhood on Friday of the year: the 14 programming hours on Feb. 22, 2019. And if you’d like to spend that weekend in a Suite at the Westin Riverwalk, be sure to get your ticket and book your room by midnight tonight! We’ll draw our first Suite Upgrade winner randomly over the weekend and announce on Monday!

Today is also the deadline to send us your Dad Blogger Spotlight submissions. Use the form to submit as many as three examples of your work, and you might read one of them from the main stage!


Social media can be a great tool to connect with your children in their own space.

Are kids on their electronics causing issues in your family? Have you considered a device contract?

When your kids see you upending parental stereotypes, they’ll see greater possibility in their own lives.

“If you look hard, you’ll find more books with positive portrayals of dads. In the meantime, make up some stories of your own.”

“When the time comes that you will have to choose between attending your sons’ and daughters’ school activities over a client’s needs, if you have to choose between your wife’s or husband’s needs over mine as your boss—please choose them.”

“Every time you involve your kids when you work on something you value, you are teaching them how to do things well.”

Co-parenting comes in all shapes and sizes. Find your fit.

Where do you and your child’s school stand on homework?

If you’re still in a quandary about gifts for your kids this holiday season, have you ruled out body art?



Makes you wonder how many of those sweaters these guys bought in advance.

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