Title Sponsor Dove Men+Care Returns, With A Big Push Supporting Paid Leave

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For years, our partnership with Dove Men+Care, returning in 2019 for its seventh year as our Title Sponsor, has stood for redefining fatherhood as a lifestyle, because of how profoundly it redefines our lives. Ever since Dove Men+Care launched its “Dear Future Dads” campaign last Father’s Day, they’ve been concentrating some important attention on those first, crucial days of our kids’ lives—and how important it is for us to be home for them.

Progress on paid paternity leave has been encouraging, since 89% of men want it, and more companies than ever (including all 20 of America’s largest employers) offer it. But we’re still very far from where we want to be:

Trying to shift this dispiriting trend is what we think of as “the good fight.” And we’re as excited as ever to have such a powerful, message-positive brand like Dove Men+Care in the ring with us. They’re coming to San Antonio because although they know funding crowds (as they did last year) is a terrific help, it’s only just a stopgap solution. It’s time to provide men and their families with tangible resources related to paternity leave, how to ask for it, how to take it, and how to transition back from it and into the workplace.

That’s Dove Men+Care’s long-term mission, for 2019 and beyond, and we’re honored to kick if off with us at Dad 2.019.