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Did read the news this week? Lots of talk about what masculinity is, and indignant rebuttals asserting what masculinity isn’t. We’re not surprised that companies dedicated to a man’s skin should want to get beneath it. Because our Title Sponsor Dove Men+Care, which has signed on as our Title Sponsor for a seventh consecutive year, has been skillfully assailing unhealthy stereotypes for a decade.

One such trope that is taking a rightful beating is the idea that paternity leave is some kind of vacation. It’s not only a lot of work (without a lot of sleep), it’s an opportunity that benefits the whole family as it manages the crucial first days of our kids’ lives–as well as the mind-blowing changes in our own.

Dove Men+Care has already invested in paternity leave, literally, by contributing to active crowdfunding requests from real dads and their families across the country. But that’s essentially just running around putting buckets under the leaks. It’s time to fix the roof.

To that end, we’re looking forward to an extensive discussion at Dad 2.019 about leave from the filmmakers of the documentary Zero Weeks, and their belief that “no matter where you work or what zip code you live in, you should be able to welcome a new child … without facing financial disaster.”

This is why, one of the themes of Dad 2.019 will be advocacy promoting parental leave, helping men get the information they need, and to ensure the sea change is deep and powerful.

We think that’s a conversation worth having, and we cannot wait to have it with you.


We have now announced three of our Dad 2.019 sponsors, including Title Sponsor Dove Men+Care, Presenting Sponsor Google For Education, and Supporting Sponsor LEGOLAND. There are more to come, plus lots of other amazing surprises. Make sure you are following our social channels for all your update needs!


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