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Whit Honea tattoo by Jeff Johnson/Dire Wolf Art & Tattoo Studio

He walked into the tattoo studio armed with years of planning and a forearm’s length of fresh real estate. The idea of a quill pen tattoo had persisted in Whit Honea‘s head for at least a decade and been periodically shelved largely for self-imposed reasons. Had he paid enough dues to claim ownership of his passion? And would a tribute to writing renew his creativity? Or impair it?

We all have something, that lifelong pursuit that we put off for a long life ahead. Life is funny like that, always reminding us that dreaming is easy. Pursuit, however, takes courage.

Perhaps you have always wanted to record a podcast or make videos, start a blog, write a book, learn the piano, or volunteer for a charity. And perhaps you haven’t done it because doing so inspires more questions than answers, and requires setting yourself up for potential of failure and the painful lessons therein. Just doing it is a risk. Just doing it is scary.

Whatever it is that you want to attempt, accomplish, or achieve, we hope your trip to the 2019 Dad 2.0 Summit inspires you to do it. “Whenever” is right now. Time to pay your dues in real time, extend your forearm, and accept the needle. You never know what’ll bloom.

What’s your tattoo?


We have a great promotion in advance of our hotel deadline (January 31) at the Westin Riverwalk: If you book your ticket and room by Sunday night, you’ll be eligible to win our second Suite Upgrade  –OR–  You could win three free nights (courtesy of our Title Sponsor Dove Men+Care)!

Also, there is the small matter of our newest featured speaker, Dax Shepard, whose Armchair Expert podcast celebrates our wonderful, messy lives. (He also has a bunch of badass tattoos. Coincidence?!?)


It’s possible to talk with kids about climate change while protecting their emotional well-being.

Speaking with kids about child sexual abuse may be scary and uncomfortable, but there are age-appropriate ways to do so that will help keep them safe.

Aaron Gouveia put his story out there, and the ripple effect continues to be absolutely amazing.

“My life consists of intense focus on urgent areas of development, and then abandonment of that focus shortly afterwards.”

“Because of the strain that intensive child-rearing puts on parents and kids, some parents have started moving away from the practice and toward free-range parenting, a hands-off child-rearing philosophy that recommends against constant monitoring.”

“The trial-and-error route is realistic and it’s custom-made. The experts are trying to squeeze parenting into a rigid plan for the masses, but there’s something to be said for just making it up as you go.”

Family pets are furry fun and love and lessons, some of them harder than others.

Do your kids like a wide variety of playdates? You may want to move to one of these cities.

Parents with more than one child, what did you “need” to do for your first kid that you totally slacked on for the second?



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