A Sneak Peek at Dad 2.019’s Programming

dad2summit2019 Dad 2.0 Summit, Announcements

It’s an important week of deadlines, as we head toward the last day to book your hotel room on Thursday, January 31. We’ve also got a third Speaker announcement on Wednesday, new Sponsors that have joined the family, and of course our great keynotes that will bookend the festivities. It’s a great time to be alive and watching your coffee maker beg for some time off.

Another great thing coming soon is the announcement of our programming topics for Friday and Saturday (after the great, boisterous reunion of our Welcome Party on Thursday night). You can see the full descriptions of all we did last year here and here, and our Speaker Submission Tips page contains links to every big programming announcement we’ve had since the very beginning!

In the meantime, though, here’s a look at some of the topics we’ll be discussing at Dad 2.019:

  • Saving Social Media: How we can make it work better for us
  • How To Win YouTube with Great Content out front …
  • … and an Effective Ranking Strategy behind the scenes.
  • Fighting for Paid Family Leave, with the filmmakers of Zero Weeks
  • Raising Daughters, Raising Sons, and the differing examples we can set
  • Professional Humor Writing: more than just dad jokes
  • Instagram Stories: keys to amazing engagement and content promotion
  • Creating Viral Content and mastering where it can take you
  • Taking A Leap with a new mindset, a new business, and a new life
  • The best regimens for Mental Fitness
  • A comprehensive, multifaceted strategy for Building Influence
  • Entrepreneurship and Work/Life Imbalance
  • Engaging An Audience so that they’ll follow you anywhere
  • Building Your Platform with Live Video, LinkedIn, and Crowdfunding
  • Workshops in Podcasting, Photography, and Publishing
  • Parenting, Gender Fluidity, and bridging the parent/child divide.

As well as our customary Friday night Dad Voices writing workshop, and myriad discussions about life, work, brotherhood, spouses, ex-spouses, new parents, co-parents, sandwich parents, and the wonderful madness of raising kids of every age.

Stay tuned for our comprehensive programming announcements coming early next month!