Celebrate Safer Internet Day with Google Feb. 4-6 in San Antonio!

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As you read when we announced they had signed on with us as a Dad 2.019 Presenting Sponsor, Google For Education’s new Be Internet Awesome program is designed to help kids be safe, confident explorers of the online world. And in advance of the Summit (which is just three weeks away!), they want to invite you to San Antonio to celebrate Safer Internet Day with a special event!

This year’s Safer Internet Day theme is “Together for a better Internet,” and Google For Education is kicking off a week of activities in San Antonio with the Be Internet Awesome adventure, a bilingual interactive space built for kids to make online safety and citizenship topics fun and exciting.

There are also a slew of new updates to the Be Internet Awesome program, including:

  • A Be Internet Awesome guide and set of tips designed specifically for parents to foster a conversation about using the Internet with their kids;
  • A partnership with the Walt Disney Animation Studios Academy Award©-nominated film “Ralph Breaks the Internet” to encourage more families to practice the fundamentals of online safety and digital citizenship alongside Ralph with film themed resources (more details on the @WreckItRalph Twitter feed); and
  • A partnership with the David’s Legacy Foundation to create a program where teens will assume a mentor role and teach younger kids that it’s cool to be kind online.

In this interactive, educational experience, your 3rd – 6th graders will explore five zones of Internet safety and digital citizenship, where they’ll learn about information sharing online, strong passwords, phishing and scams, how to spread kindness on the web, and when it’s best to talk out what you’ve seen with a trusted adult.

Space is limited, so please reserve your spot soon!