FoF: It’s Still All About the Writing

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It started on a stage in Houston in 2013 when five invited writers read for an audience of appreciative peers. The Dad 2.0 Spotlight Readers were a highlight of our third event, and they’ve become an indispensable staple ever since.

And when the remainder of the year left a lull, a collective want for the kind of creative, pop-centric parent-blogging that was worthy of a Spotlight, the Porchlight Posts emerged weekly, here in our Fatherhood on Friday column.

Sometimes, a Porchlight Post makes its way to the big stage, earning double-billing, much like the sonnets of David Stanley (see above), written after the passing of his father. They deserved a Porchlight mention last week, and they beg to be shared in a room full of other dads, each of them in various stages of life and loss with their own fathers.

Of course there are other topics, the sweet and funny, the tender and melancholy, the political and religious, milestones and wandering. The common thread is fatherhood, even if only implied through the lens with which a story is told. Or lived.

Some of their stories have happy endings, others are full of lessons, and others still are never-ending. We’re counting down the moments until we can induct the next five members of one of our favorite fraternities.


It’s been a busy week on the programming side, as this morning we announced our third round of Dad 2.019 Speakers!

And for a clue as to how they’ll all fit into our Schedule, here’s a sneak peek at our breakout and workshop subjects; full descriptions are due next week!

Also: Presenting Sponsor Google For Education is celebrating Safer Internet Day with a huge “Be Internet Awesome” event in San Antonio, and you’re invited! In this interactive, educational experience, your 3rd – 6th graders will explore five zones of Internet safety and digital citizenship, where they’ll learn about information sharing online, strong passwords, phishing and scams, how to spread kindness on the web, and when it’s best to talk out what you’ve seen with a trusted adult.

Space is limited, and since it’s Google, you know it’ll be a top-shelf event. So grab your kids and reserve your spot soon!


In L.A., councilmembers believe new parents “shouldn’t have to choose between parenting and putting food on the table.”

Is generational ROI a thing, and if so, how do we quantify it?

Are you a lazy parent? Don’t let the name fool you, it’s anything but lazy.

“I don’t want to give the impression that I’ve ever felt excluded from these places because I am a dad, because I don’t! However, it is just a new world for me and I think about how I fit in.”

“In an age where we LOL and ROFL, where we transmit through Siri and Alexa instead of typing, where auto-correct both fixes and generates errors in our written work, we have to wonder: Can anyone spell anymore, and does it even matter?”

“The road toward fatherhood may be more smoothly paved than it was 10 years ago, but there are still significant challenges.”

The street from boy band to dad band hasn’t always been easy for the Backstreet Boys.

Fun fact: Playing IS learning.

Got bath toy mold? Don’t worry, for most kids it’s not a big deal.



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