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This week’s column is inspired by Dad 2.019 Speaker Shannon Carpenter, whose Porchlight Post “Flexing Through Fatherhood” (see below) confronts that queasy feeling when your family looks to you for the answers you don’t have. Like when something in the basement lets loose a guttural, rumbling belch during dinner, and every set of eyes at the table gravitates toward you.

When it comes to parenting, the idea of winging it often gets coated in shade, generally from other parents (who, we all know, are also winging it). But the simple truth is that parenting is improv–except we don’t always say yes, tempting as the path of least resistance may be. We make our decisions with the tools and context we are given, we hope for the best, and we hope to learn when the best doesn’t happen.

In his piece, Shannon posits “Do we really become competent parents? Or do we at least learn to fake that confidence and lend it out to those little people that haven’t learned the skill yet?” We imagine it’s a little of both. The important part is to keep swinging out over the falls no matter how loose your grip is.


Following through on last week’s paean to Porchlights, this week we announced our Dad 2.019 Dad Blogger Spotlight Readers!

New Sponsor has created one of the ultimate tools of its time: an app that keeps your kids safer, both online and in real life.

We’re very proud to welcome St. Jude Children’s Hospital as our Dad 2.019 Cause Partner. They do amazing work, and they want to meet you.

Our Welcome Party is just two weeks away! Have you made your travel plans?


Are you parenting a procrastinator?

Parents, does your life/schedule feel overwhelming and full of chaos?

Dads have been through it, too.

Losing a parent is gut-ripping, regardless of the state of the relationship.”

“Who I am right now is probably what my kid is going to be in about 20 years. So if I’m not OK with who I am now, I need to take some steps.”

“Fathers are sometimes more motivated to make changes for the well-being of their children and families, rather than themselves.”

New studies suggest that dads are happier than moms when it comes to parenting.

Adventure is out there! Wear a helmet.

What do you think, dads? Are we knocking fewer boots?



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