Supporting Sponsor AARP Wants To Disrupt Aging

Doug French2019 Dad 2.0 Summit, Announcements, Sponsor

You know what? You’re older now than when you started reading this sentence.

It’s a rough thing to point out, but it’s true. Much of our lives is spent preparing for when we’re older, because of the challenges of being an older person. So even if you’re nowhere close to having lived a half century on this Earth, you will be. Or you love someone who is. And Supporting Sponsor AARP is coming to Dad 2.019 with their #DisruptAging campaign to recognize those challenges and discuss how to mitigate and/or eliminate them.

Ageism affects everyone, and we can stop it by changing the image of aging. And we’re really glad AARP wants to create a dialogue around the specific challenges of men. We want men to share their experiences and be vocal on social about it, on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, with the #DisruptAging hashtag.

Just like all the other things we do to prepare for golden years, we want to speak out now about ageism, in the hope that it might affect us less when we get there.